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Reap the Benefits of Gardening

Burn Serious Calories and Prevent Cancer


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I've been gardening for years! When I was huge and out of shape, I could tell it was a great work out, becaause I had to stop every so often to catch my breath!. Now I can garden for hours without stopping except to get a drink of water! It's a great way to get outside and also to have fresh, home-grown produce of many kinds. Report
I'd be *really* cautious about the 600 calorie/hour level. Being an avid gardener and also an avid horsewoman, I regularly do heavy outside work quite often - mucking out the barn, hauling dirt and bricks around, digging through clay-like soil, barking/composting ... I'm also usually working on a slope, so the wheelbarrow has to go uphill and down. Despite that, it's quite rare for me to burn as many as 400 calories an hour. Usually it is in the 200 calorie/hr range. So while gardening is excellent exercise for mind, body, and spirit, better check yourself with a HRM before entering a big 600 calories an hour into your fitness log! Report
I try to get out into my yard and garden every night. I never thought that I would find so much joy in growing plants and veggies. It is a huge sense of accomplishment and the body gets a great workout. Sometimes too good but it is totally worth it! I haven't worked out in a few months...due to the garden and spending time in our pool but I went and weighed and measured at Curves yesterday and had lost 2.25 inches! That ROCKS. Gardening is GREAT exercise!! Report
I agree 100% , gardening is a great stress reliever. and you smell the great fragances of all the flowers and nature. Report
I am new to growing veggies and flowers; I have a plot in a community garden. I must say that watering my little borrowed piece of earth is soooo relaxing. I totally zone out as I nurture my future salad ingredients. I also love to wander about, admiring the beauty and bounty in my neighbors' plots. Sooooo wonderfully relaxing!!! Report
Agree. Nothing to relieve stress and that "I wanna beat some fool" feeling like pulling weeds. :-) Report
The garden is where I go when I need to clear my head. The fresh tomatoes and peppers we grow every year are also so much better than any we buy at the grocery store. This article is right on target. Report
Don't get over-heated working in the garden. It is easy to get dizzy since you tend to be working with your head bent down. Report

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