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Reap the Benefits of Gardening

Burn Serious Calories and Prevent Cancer


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  • Fresh vegetables are the way to get them is to grow them yourself.
    A regular lawn mowing is a great way to keep yourself and your garden healthy. Though it can be done on your own but if you want to save time and the physical efforts then professional lawn mowing services are good. We had ours by Gardening Northside ([url=]http://www
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  • I put in a garden last year for the first time in many years, mainly to try and save money after I was laid off from work. This year I made sure that I did it again, despite being gone 12 hours a day, 5 days a week for work. I had forgotten how much better veggies taste fresh out of the garden. Plus my granddaughter would have been so disappointed if Nana didn't have peas and corn for her to pick!
    Anyone who has grown their own vegetables knows there is a big taste difference between eating something that was still growing in the garden an hour earlier and something you picked up at the market an hour earlier!
  • Oh, I so agree with this article, gardening is almost a spiritual experience for me! Even though I have allergies the peace I get from gardening far outweighs the problems with allergies. I spent four glorious hours in our garden yesterday and plan to spend more today. You know not only do you look better and feel peaceful gardening, your garden looks heavenly with regular care.
  • We had a garden for the first time last year. This year, I'm planning on making it bigger and being more involved with it.
  • I started a victory garden at the onset of Spring. This is my first veggie gardening project. I have planted cucumbers, swiss chard, squash, tomatoes, beets, carrots, green beans,and eggplant. So far everything is growing well without problems. I visit the garden daily. To watch the plants grow at various stages is exciting!!! And the benefits of gardening is worth it. After a hard day or stressful event, I find myself gravitating towards my garden and it itstantly calms me. Not to mention the excersise and money saving factors!!!
  • Thanks for these timely articles about gardening. I would love to see more on container gardening, as I live in a mobile home community, and digging in the yard is not always an option.
  • I love gardening! At this time of year, I do hours of mulching. I am trying to do one hour a day, that way I don't over exert myself and I burn the right amount of calories. I, too, think 300 - 600 is a little on the high side. Sparkpeople says its about 264 per hour for gardening. But, if you are just picking flowers or deadheading...I don't believe you would burn 264 per hour. I think that is more in line with raking, shoveling, hoeing, etc.
    I love to garden - it gives great pleasure to reap the fruits of your labour.
  • I have always love gardening, my Grandmother taught me how , when I was young.
    early in the day is the best time for me, It is a great time to meditate.and have a whole body workout
  • I love to spend time outside in my gardens. I don't get to spend as much time as I would like because of having four young children. I was able to get outside for several hours yesterday and it felt wonderful!
  • I've been gardening for years! When I was huge and out of shape, I could tell it was a great work out, becaause I had to stop every so often to catch my breath!. Now I can garden for hours without stopping except to get a drink of water! It's a great way to get outside and also to have fresh, home-grown produce of many kinds.
  • I'd be *really* cautious about the 600 calorie/hour level. Being an avid gardener and also an avid horsewoman, I regularly do heavy outside work quite often - mucking out the barn, hauling dirt and bricks around, digging through clay-like soil, barking/composting ... I'm also usually working on a slope, so the wheelbarrow has to go uphill and down. Despite that, it's quite rare for me to burn as many as 400 calories an hour. Usually it is in the 200 calorie/hr range. So while gardening is excellent exercise for mind, body, and spirit, better check yourself with a HRM before entering a big 600 calories an hour into your fitness log!

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