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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym

A Checklist for Fitness Facilities


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    Great article nicely written and very practical. Good job author!

    I like my gym because they know me by name there and everyone is very down to earth. It is friendly but not phony.
  • Good article! I just joined the gym closest to me, having lost motivation when I had to travel by car or bus. Since I live so close and don't plan on using it, I ignored the truly grotty changing and shower room. When I had my tour round, it was pretty quiet and I'm still getting to grips with the opening times and busy periods.

    Twice now I have been thwarted by the number of people in there. What was most annoying was that no staff were checking up on the 'courtesey' rule of maximum times on the cardio machines at busy times.

    I haven't made the best choice, but I'm not going to let it stop me exercising. I need to figure out when the best time for me to go is, and how I can fit in eating at a sensible time.
    I joined the Y and it has been wonderful!! The equipment is up to date, there are multiple locations, numerous classes and best of all--FREE child care for 2 hours!! I can use another location, drop my kids off, and run around the park across the street. Best of all--no long term contracts and the rates aren't half bad.
  • 10285115CS
    look at there financial portfolio. i joined a gym life time membership. what i failed to ask was who's life time . mine or theres. they went bankrupt. never got a dime back either.
  • I couldn't agree more. I thankfully have a great gym, a large gym, and two of them nearby, 24 hour gyms, filled with many amenities. I still however have to go to specialized training centers for my BJJ, boxing, kick boxing, American Kenpo and elite excercise athlete training. The 24 hour gym is there for convenience, pool, and something to hit on the drive to the other training. If I miss a excercise or weight training session at the athletic center I can always hit the "*time Fitness" center. You do get what you pay for this place has just about everything for everybody, almost, :)
    Not only is the gym I belong to in a great location, but all the perks they offer are mind boggling. They have the BEST personal trainers to motivate you and that want to truly help you accomplish your goals. What's even better is if I miss a day at the gym the PT will call me to motivate me to come in. It's nice to have that little extra push.
  • I looked on the classifieds and found a ton of memberships for re-sale...mostly to the same I avoided that gym. I found a small one for 1/10th of the price and perfect for my needs!
  • Mine offered a free month. They have several locations within driving distance from my home. One is on the way home from work. I like it since everyone is there to work out and not pick up people.

  • Before you commit, ask if the gym offers a free, one week membership (mine does). Having the opportunity to visit the gym, use the facilities and get a feel for the "ambience" is invaluable. If you want to avoid "gawkers" at a coed gym, try working out before work. While everyone is friendly, there is no "meat market" vibe going on, generally speaking.
    Great article... your info is spot on......I joined a (ladies only) gym that opened in the same building where I grocery shop three years ago....the price is good and it less than a 10 min. drive away.
    They opened another ladies only 10 minutes away , at another building with a supermarket, taking the highway and another (co-ed) opened just a couple of minutes farther replacing one that saw the increased interest in these two. They offer a discount to additional family members paying through the same account. They offer incentives to encourage participation in the group classes but the fun we have is incentive enough.
    There is more equipment at the co-ed and spin classes that aren't available at the ladies only. My membership gives me access to all three.

    There is a gym located within a 10 minute walk but the fees are a lot higher. Co-ed and word has it most ladies don't like it......gawking men!!!
    There is another within a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive but the fees there are higher. It offers an eating plan that is expensive as well.

    Less than 4 months ago another ladies gym in the city closed and I saw an immediate increase in our membeship.........They must be doing somethnig right.......
    Thanks for a great article.

  • Location is huge-- my gym is four blocks from by apartment, and I can stay on the bus a few extra minutes in the evenings and get off across the street from the gym. This is extremely important since I don't drive. There us an exercise room actually in my complex, but the hours are horrible, and I'd feel much more selfconcious working out right outside the office with people walking through all the time.
  • Location, Location, Location! All of the items on the checklist are important to think about, but if it takes more than 5-10 minutes to get there, the temptation is strong to just skip it -- especially on a day you only have an hour to devote to Exercise.
  • At 61, I have found some women spend more time checking out a gym than checking out a husband. lol
    I also agree with this article and I found a gym last night that is pretty reasonable, just for women, hours are great, and there are no contracts you just pay by the month. Unfortunately it is not between my work and home and even though it is not far from my house and work the traffic is really bad.

  • Ths is a wonderful article and true beyond comment. I have joined and quit several gyms for these exact reasons. One gym I joined, I had to drive over half an hour to get there and signed a contract for a year. The points made in the article are excellent and if all these don't "fit" for you, don't join, because a long term commitment just won't last. I wish I known what to look for before joining in the past. I will never make that mistake again. Thank you SP for your wonderful articles.

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