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Goals That Help, Goals That Hurt

Remember to Think Positive


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  • At the end of the day, find something positive that you accomplished. Increase and reinforce this list everyday. - 2/14/2017 11:00:09 AM
  • I really appreciated the advice in this article. Well done! - 2/4/2017 1:28:33 AM
  • We don't live our lives in lala land. We are going to have a bad day. It's normal. But rather than focus on "I had a bad day"S look to making tomorrow a better one. Please note I didn't say good. Depending on what happened to make yesterday bad will drive what it takes to start building a better tomorrow. If only it were as simple as finding a trainer or talking a walk. These things are external helps, but you need to tap your internal resources to be able to go further. If you lost a loved one or got fired from a job, you have to deal with those emotions. Start simple. The old "if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger." Some things really are bad - others in the grand scheme not so bad. Yesterday in still another snafu our cable provider cut us off - we have been dealing with issues since we asked for a special package a month ago - their promotion. 4 visits by me, 2 by my husband, more hours on the phone than anyone should ever have to put in and today we still have no TV but at least the internet and phone work. I was fuming. I really did have a bad day. And I let myself have that bad day. I was spitting nails.
    Last night however I accomplished just a wee bit more by NOT having TV (and I only watch one program a night) ... so in the end, in perspective what was a very bad day turned out to be just "not a good one."

    Like the blogger one of my biggest inspirations was my great aunt. I went to live with her when I was 15 and she was 85. What a great lady. She converted from Catholicism to Judiasm to marry her great love at the age of 17 and they traveled from the Chicago area to Idaho to farm - in a COVERED WAGON. She participate in civil rights activities, picketed in support of the grape boycott to support the migrant workers and actively campaigned as an anti-war candidate in 1968. She also helped me to heal after the traumatic experience of losing my family in a car accident and being the sole survivor because being the only daughter I was at a different activity. I had nothing to do with that accident but it's hard to let go of guilt.

    So feel what you feel - but think good thoughts when you can. The simplest act can be a good thought to begin the day -

    I was able to get out of bed! Doesn't sound like that much, does it but I have some days when I can't do it easily and some days when I can't do it at all when I first wake up.


    - 1/24/2017 8:53:24 AM
  • Today in the presence of my 7 year old grandson I said, I really messed up. I was referring to making added work for someone by my mistake. Not a big thing but embarrassing to me. Johnny said, Grandmom, don't say that! I asked what? He replied, Don't say you messed up. Wisdom from a 7 year old. Tonight I read the article about not setting negative goals.

    ten day goal: record food and blog daily. That is easy, maybe, as I am on day 8.
    20 day goal: increased veggies
    30 day goal: decrease my weight by 5 pounds. I started to write lose, but that is negative. - 1/22/2017 9:19:43 PM
  • I have also made the mistake of always framing what I would like to do by saying what I won't do and how much I want to lose etc. all those negative words that make you feel a prisoner to some unseen jailer. Now I say to myself, I will eat healthy, I will exercise every day, I will keep it up and I will not (oop) give up. Positive goals without feeling of self denial. I likes it. - 11/17/2016 7:23:26 PM
  • LMWHITE137
    I realize I have not sat down and really made goals I could attain. I need to start out small. - 8/22/2016 11:08:33 AM
  • If I go over on one day, I tack those calories onto the next day or I have a workout to use them up! - 8/13/2016 1:31:28 PM
  • I never really knew that I always said negative words until people would say to me; why do you always put yourself down. It finally hit me and I now think before I speak. I have been on a positive role. Come join me. My new goals will be: to be 20 pounds slimmer by Christmas. I will continue to walk 5 times a week. The last accomplishment I will succeed at will be to get my A1C at a respectable number for me. - 8/8/2016 2:39:58 PM
  • The power of thinking positive is unbelievable, almost magic in a sense. Once negativity creeps in so does failure. Excellent article it helped reinforce my successful attitude. - 6/17/2016 4:54:15 PM
  • "Too vague," I meant to say. - 6/7/2016 2:45:14 PM
  • So if this author thinks that it's negative to say, "I will lose 20 pounds," what's the more positive way to frame that goal? Something like "I will achieve a healthier weight" seems to vague and namby-pamby. - 6/7/2016 2:44:19 PM
  • So if you have a bad day, rather than say "I blew it!" maybe something like: "going to fine tune or refocus my goals tomorrow..' you think? - 4/19/2016 1:02:32 AM
  • I don't know that "lose" has a negative connotation - that's what I am on Spark People for! I do believe it is more positive to use it with a reasonable time limit as opposed to "I will lose 20 lbs. by next week" but my positive goal is: " I will lose 2 lbs. by May 15 and will maintain at that weight!" By the end of June, when I have met that goal, I will reset a reasonable time limit to lose another 5 lbs.
    - 4/13/2016 10:09:03 AM
    I read some of the other comments about needing guidelines for setting up positive goals. For me that means making goals for what I will do, not what I won't do. An example: I'm in pretty bad condition physically. I'm recovering from a back injury and have feet problems. Also I'm obese. My current exercise goals are 1. Walk 20 minutes 3 days per week and 2. Ride the exercise bike 25 minutes 3 days per week. Those are doable for me. I'm not requiring myself to walk a certain distance because some days my back a or feet will cause me to walk more slowly. Same with the bike: Some days I'm tired and ride slower than others. But that doesn't matter. What matters is doing the time; that's doable for me. I have a long term goal in the back of my mind to do cardio an hour daily. I'll build to that slowly. For example at the beginning of each month I'll add 1 minute to my biking and waking goals. Eventually I'll add in other types of exercise, stretching and such, but that's another story #:^ ) Another example of positive instead of negative: Instead of making a goal to eat no or less chocolate, you might make a goal to eat a certain amount of vegetables or whole grains. That way you'll have less room for chocolate without focusing on chocolate! - 2/6/2016 7:30:19 PM
    This is a very helpful article. I'll delete my goal to only drink 24 oz diet soda daily. Instead I'll make 2 goals: Drink at least 6 cups of water daily and drink at least 2 cups of tea daily. - 2/6/2016 7:06:26 PM

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