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Step Out of Your Workout Rut

Which Culprit is to Blame for your Fading Energy?


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  • Great information. Stress IS a bugger. If I get myself to exercise, I feel so much better!
  • Trying to mix it up more often.
  • Need to get out of my rut!
  • Thanks for sharing...I think mine is boredom/excuses....I will definitely do better! Having lost 138 lbs from Spring 2012 to Fall 2016 and then gaining weight over winter/spring 2017 to the point where I'm now 99 lbs lost, it's time for no more excuses!!!!
  • It's not easy to switch up your exercise routine when you have physical limitations. For me, treadmills are out of the question (the pounding hurts my back). I have to use a recumbent bike. I can use an elliptical but only for about 5 minutes max. I do not have easy access to a swimming pool, so water exercises are out as well. It's very easy to say "switch up your routine" when you can do that. Remember, though, some of us can't. Don't make us feel worse than we already do.
  • Thank you. I try to switch up my exercise. So I can keep it up.
  • I totally understand this article. I employed the "bored" technique. When I started working out I did the 10min thing and then QUICKLY got bored and tried some other videos and they just didn't work for me. I had to find the videos that "clicked" for "ME", and once I did I was on a roll. I haven't stopped, I keep growing and increasing my routines.
  • This is a very helpful article.
    It helped me pretty much.
    Thank you!
  • Variety and making it fun, especially during the winter months is the key. Thanks for including Sleep and Stress. Those two make a huge difference. I notice last year (2010!!!) that during the summer I am much more relax and I sleep better. No school (I have kids) and I am not teaching (I teach university level)... I ran a 13.1 Mile in Sept and was determined to keep up with a training schedule but by November, I felt exhausted: too much workload, not enough sleep.
    DRB13_1: try the Official Spark Sleep Challenge... That is a nice way to reach that goal, you learn a few things along the way (I did) and you get a nice trophy once you are done!!! :-) In the new year, depending on how I manage, I might also sign up for the Stress Challenge...
  • The article didn't mention anything about eating too little. I have been doing Insanity, and have been trying to keep my calorie intake what it was before when I did far less intense workouts, eating my BMR and letting the calories burned during exercise be my deficit. However, I'm having a hard time even meeting my BMR, so I am tired all the time, even though I eat to satiety every time I'm hungry, healthy, unprocessed foods. But I'm really working to up my calorie intake so I can feel better. I think my lack of calories is hurting my weight loss. I don't feel my metabolism is lowering, because I do eat constantly and on schedule, and keep pushing water, but I'm eating high bulk, low calorie foods.
  • I really appreciated this article! It is important to recognize that more is not always better. People think that just by pushing lthemselves longer, harder, they can continue to lose weight at a certain rate that does not listen to the body's signals or needs. I am guilty of not getting enough sleep. Thanks to SP, I am working on balancing my entire fitness/wellness regime.
    Keep up the good work, bring us more articles like this one!
    Thanks for the article although I am reading it years after it was written, it still is good advice. I try to change up my workout, my problem is sleep. I have to work on the 7-8 hrs of sleep.
  • This was a good article. I'm not yet in a rut but I can see how I could easily get there. I try to mix my exercise up during the week so I don't get bored and my body isn't conditioned to just doing one thing all the time. Thanks for the tips.

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