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Delicious Ways to Boost Fiber Intake

It's Easier (and Tastier) Than You Think!


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  • GREAT article. I regularly get over 40 grams a day....but that is because I have been monitoring my intake for along time!
  • One thing I stumbled on recently is salba seed or chia seed. It's high in fiber as well as omega 3s and antioxidants. Worth checking out. I really like it.
  • what a great article. I guess people can get fooled into buying bread pretending to be wheat. Now I always look at the first ingredient, and make sure it says WHOLE WHEAT!
  • I knew I didn't get enough fiber some of the time, but when I started tracking it a few months ago, I found out that I rarely got enough fiber and was sometimes as low as the single digits! Since then I've started added more beans & veggies, and I eat 1/2 a serving of Fiber one with my yogurt in the morning. I'm not consistent yet, but I'm getting there.
  • I also prefer not taking any supplements if I can get what I need with a proper diet. Thanks for the extra tips to all who comment!
  • Thank you so much for this information! I've been having a really hard time meeting the daily recommended amount of fiber even though I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This list gave me many great suggestions that I think I can incorporate into my daily meals.
  • TONYD55
    Excellent article. Good advice. Forget the expensive supplements. You have plenty of good sources for 25-30 grams of fiber. per day. Eat right the problem will solve itself.
  • Thank you for this very informative article. I learned some new ways of getting the fiber I need on a daily basis. I wondered why I had some abdominal problems recently and its because I took in too much fiber at once. Now I know what to do while increasing my fiber intake. As always I am sooo grateful for these articles.
  • Great Article! It's allways good to get some advice about how to get your daily intake of fiber. It helps a lot.
  • Good article! I also love the Fiber One yogurt and bars. Very yummy.
    Great article! Fiber One has some great tasting cereal and yogurt, also.
  • Great article and lots of good information shared - thank you!
    I have tried increasing fiber by using the Bran Buds on salads and in yogurt.
    You get the crunch and add the fiber as well.
    I need to remember about increasing the water ~ good suggestions.
  • If you ever have a bout with diverticulitis, then you learn this information quickly indeed. Grandmom and Mom used to call this roughage, now it's fiber. Whatever you call it, get plenty of it and your insides will work better.
  • .I was eating Kashi until one day I got something that tasted like a pine tree,after that it all tasted like a pine tree to me and I couldn't eat it anymore!So I started eatting a package of the maple brown sugar oatmael dry every morning w/ coffee.It's fiber and fills that need for something crunchy and fiberous.It's very good .

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