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Delicious Ways to Boost Fiber Intake

It's Easier (and Tastier) Than You Think!


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  • I have been introducing whole wheat products into the house since I started Sparks in February. Not all the family were fond of the texture, especially rice, but in the end the whole wheat gain momentum. I could believe when we went grocery shopping today that hubby actually picked up whole wheat bread without even questioning why. It was so funny. I have been feeding him and the kids whole wheat for a month now and they didn't even realize it.
    Try Uncle Sam toasted whole-wheat and flaxseed cereal. Walmart carries it (top shelf in a small red, white and blue box). A 3/4 cup serving is 190 calories with ,5 g. fat, but it contains 10 g. of dietary fiber (2 soluable and 8 unsoluable). Less than 1 g. sugar.

    I eat a small 1/2 c. serving along with my light yogurt and it is very satisfying! GG Judy
  • I love the Fiber One Muffin Mix. I mix up a box of that and have 12 muffins and usually freeze half of them. I have one muffin and a piece of fruit for breakfast just about every day.

    I have been eating 25-40 g of fiber a day since October, counting calories, and drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Fiber + water = MAGIC! I've lost 30 pounds since Hallween!
    A great source of Soluble Fiber which should not give you gas like an insoluble fiber will is eating an avocado or a mango each day. High is soluble fiber and great for your body overall. I eat fresh oatmeal with raisins and blueberries every morning as well and that is also packed with soluble fiber. Carrots are also a great vegetable with soluble fiber. Eat small amounts of green leafy vegetables to get your insoluble fiber such as; broccoli, asparagus, green beans.
  • I don't know if I'm the only one finding this but I have a problem keeping my fiber intake DOWN!!! I know we're supposed to eat between 25-35g a day but I end up looking for breads/bagels that have less than 3g of fiber sometimes because otherwise I end up in the high 30's for grams of fiber on a daily basis and that usually gives me repurcussions... if ya know what I mean!
    I now try and stay away from "diety" foods that have "synthetic" fiber added (such as yogurts, granola bars, tortillas etc) and know that as long as I eat a balanced diet of fruit, veg, whole wheat bread, nuts and oatmeal etc then I will be ensuring my body gets all the fiber it needs. Nowadays, lots of commercial diet companies think that adding fiber to a "cake bar" is healthy and will sell... well maybe, it will sell - but it's still not very good for you, won't fill you up and costs twice as much! Stay "au natural" !
    I used to get serious gas all the time and my hubbie and daughter wouldn't stay in the same room as me, then when I discovered "Sparkie" I tracked my fiber breakdown as was shocked to find that some days I was eating over 50g of fiber.. unintentionally! Just because I was choosing gimmicky diety foods that have half the fat and triple the fiber!
    Like I said, nowadays, I read labels and make sure it's a natural sauce of fiber and not chemically added! Works for me!
  • You'll NEVER have trouble getting fiber if you eat Fiber Gourmet past! 20 grams per serving and it tastes awesome! Add to your foods (like soup, chili, even puddings!)

    Watch out or you'll get way too much each day!
  • I've found that it takes a long time for your body to get used to fiber - but there are some hints I use.

    Cooking dried beans? If you can't soak overnight, boil them for a minute in water then let stand until room temp and pour off that water. Now start your recipe...

    Trying something new? just take a little bit at first - a bite of someone else's fiber bar or a really small serving of cereal.
    CYNDI8745 - I'm the same way. My BF eats Fiber One bars all the time, but whenever I do they give me awful gas! Maybe I'll try eating only half at a time or something, and build towards getting more fiber. This is one of those nutrients that I'm always low on, but can't seem to boost just though my normal food intake - even though I eat whole grain bread, beans, and fruit!
  • For ckny - With the Fiber One cereal. Start slow with it - add a tablespoonful or so to your other cereal you might be eating, then after a few days or a week, add two tablespoonsful - then on until you have the regular serving which is 1/2 cup - 60 calories and 14 grams of fiber. I have it most every morning... it does not give me gas anymore and have been eating it for a few years now. It's a great way to start the day. And usually I'll add 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries (or whateve other berry I might have in the house). I think one needs to work up to adequate amounts of fiber if you're not used to eating it like that. I can eat 1/2 cup Fiber One for breakfast and turn around and have a bowl of bean soup for dinner and not have any problem. I make myself get about 25-30 grams of fiber daily... and don't use supplements or powder unless I've been out and haven't had any choices in eating.
    Hope that helps you - and others who get the gas from eating the fiber. Some of the Fiber Bars, I cannot eat - but for me... it's the sugar alcohol they put in those and not the fiber that gives me a bellyache!! Bettyor
    Fiber does create gas. I have solved one of the problems for myself. Not sure what SparkPeople will think about it, but whenever I cook beans, I always add about 1 tablespoon .or more, depending on the amount of beans, of apple cider vinegar that I buy from the health food store since it is more nutrious.

    You can also heat a cup of water and add a tablespoon of the vinegar and drink it with your meal. I think it is soothing. That not only is supposed to help a person lose weight, but also helps with the gas problem.
  • CKNY54
    UGH. I love the tast of Fiber One but the GAS! OMG. Not like gross gas; like the horrible, stabbing pain, belly bloated like I'm pregnant, can't get comfortable gas. I do not eat those bars and I generally try to stay away from anything with more than 4 or 5 grams of fiber in a pop. I do keep Gas X thin strips on hand at all times. They work really well.
  • CYNDI8745
    I love the Fiber one bars, but they give me horrible gas. Does anyone know if that will go away the more consistent you are with getting enough fiber?
  • Shellpro: if you read my last comment, I get a lot of fiber these days but that's fairly new over the past few weeks, as I've been working on progressively eating healthier since the new year. I had some major tummy trouble this weekend (bloating, pain, constipation) and wondered 1) if I maybe have IBS and 2) if it was due to the fiber or a combo of both.

    I have occasional bouts of the same symptoms I had this weekend maybe once a month or so and usually jump on some laxatives for a few days to clear it up.

    I'll try drinking more water and see how that treats me.
  • Chulyer: I regularly hit between 30-40 grams a day now and I rarely eat bread/pasta/cereal. I probably have a couple servings of these foods on the weekend, but otherwise I eat lots of raw vegetables and beans (and some brown rice, does that have wheat in it?) I think a trick is finding a recipe for a bean or lentil soup that you enjoy and to toss some black beans or garbanzos (chickpeas) on your salads. I make a sweet curry lentil soup that I love and have that on hand when I need a quick fiber fix.

    Struggle is the WORD! for those with IBS this could lead to severe consequences! You must do this slowly and with LOTS of water to prevent a blockage of the intestines! This applies to anyone who isn't used to eating much Fiber too.

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