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Delicious Ways to Boost Fiber Intake

It's Easier (and Tastier) Than You Think!


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  • great to help with cholesterol
  • I love my keeps you full
  • Great article and learned What to eat to get the fiber I need. Now I'm sold on fiber.....
  • love the suggestions as well as the chart showing some of the high fiber foods. Thanks ;)
  • Death before Brussels sprouts! God made other veggies for a reason. ;-)
  • It's unfortunate that the author points out that there are no calories in fiber, but fails to mention that foods containing fibre do have plenty of calories, sugar, and carbs. I take fiber supplements, and they contain sugar and carbs as well. Let's all eat more Brussels Sprouts!
  • Fiber-1 Cereal has Aspertame so if you are avoiding this sweetener, use All Bran and add your own choice of sweetener (or none!)
  • I try to avoid taking supplements when possible, because I'd rather eat the proper food to begin with. I wasn't getting near enough fiber as I should have been according to the nutrition tracker. I thought that changing that would be difficult, but really all it took was a few simple and inexpensive changes. Viola!
  • Seems I am getting enough fiber without the aid of any supplements. If I do take a supplement I like organic Phylum husk or Fiber Wise.
  • Fiber is not a subject I think about. I am a vegetarian and love beans and veggies and some fruit and things like popcorn. I am also as regular as can be. No problem there.
  • Shoulda read this article yesterday..... I may need to modify a bit . . . .
  • I too avoid all wheat and most grains, and I am as regular as can be.
  • JMB369
    I have been eating a paleo diet for over a year. Since I don't eat grains and legumes, I depend on vegetables and fruits to supply fiber. I often fall in the 15-20 gm./day range, but I am more "regular" than ever before, so I think it's enough. It's important to remember that one size does not fit all, and these are guidelines, not rules! And thanks to the person who mentioned avocados. They are a real superfood.
  • Bloating, et al, seems to occur more easily as we get older; I wonder if our requirements for Fibre change as we get older, as well. Doesn't seem right to be bloated and gassy all the time. 8-/
  • ELLIEF24
    It add flax meal in my shake everyday

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