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An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

Get Moving to Relieve Discomfort


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    Well I guess if I needed additional motivation to keep up my exercise routine now that school has started & my life is busier than ever, this is it!
  • SMCG21
    Of course, exercise is great for anyone, not just menopausal women, but this and every other article I've read on the topic focus on just a few symptoms, with hot flashes at the top of the list, and fail to mention the really troublesome ones, like vaginal dryness, stress incontinence and loss of libido. Hot flashes I can handle! I'm almost 56, entered menopause at the nice average age of 51 and I'm using bio-identical hormone creams in very low doses to relieve these symptoms. They're the only things that work. And please note that I am extremely active and have been since I was 16: bicycling to work and for fun, running, hiking, cross-country skiing, yoga, weight-lifting, etc etc.
  • I wish there were more information on Spark for woman who have gone through surgical menopause. It has been a emotional roller coaster for me. Although I feel like a new person after the surgery. It was hard not being able to exercise for 11 weeks. In fact it was extremely depressing.
    I am glad the hot flashes are not a great issue for me and I don't intend on taking HRT, but I want to be healthy. I want to make sure I am getting enough calcium and vitamins.
    Has anyone else gone through surgical menopause? What has been your experience?
    hi ladys .welcome to the hot flash world.i,m 50 years old and i to when through allot .so i started exercising and do weights ...and it helped me a lot ...those sleepless nights,night sweats,the one thing is i started gaining weight around my belly .and i can't seem to take it of ..i exercise like .hopping to lose the 10 pounds i put on ..
  • I am in menopause at the age of 38 , i have had to have a total hyst d/t problems, i have noticed for me the more water and less caffine i take in the better, high fiber and yes excercise helps. not only does it help with the side effects , it helps with my emmotions as well. The article was great and helps confirms what i want to do to help myself through this change in life .
    embrass it , because its gonna happen.
  • ALEX67
    I 'am going thru all the menopause problems,sleeping is the worst right up there with hot flashes.I finally started exercising with my daughter in law and i felt a little relief ,then she quit exercising and i just stopped and it got worse again.Now I found the spark people and i think i will have the motivation I need to try again.I also hate going out because the hot flashes feel so noticeable and it is very embarrassing.When they start i feel sick a little and just want to stay still until i cool down,is this normal?Does anyone eles feel this?
    Good article...... I exercise daily, doing weight training two to three days a week.
    Eating ground flax seed has kept the hot flashes at bay.........
    I used to drink raw milk while growing up and the milk we buy today is not the same...all the processing has killed off the good benefits, and it can't be replaced by adding vitamins and minerals as man can't replace what they destroyed.
    Soy mik isn't made from fermented soy beans so it isn't any good either................gotta find me a goat!!!
  • My husband has been telling me for a few years that he is sure I am entering the zone of menopause. LOL!! If I am, I wish my "friend" would go away. LOL!!
    This article was great. I too have found I am having more severe mood reactions to simple situations and exercise has helped me! Also, before I started exercising regularly, I was so stiff in the morning I could hardly get out of bed. Now I don't even think about it. Other than some chronic, annoying pain in my hips (which I actually think is from the heels I insist on wearing everyday), I am painfree most of the time!!
  • Great article. When I was 45 I went for my physical and told the doctor I thought about jumping off a bridge about a 100 times a day. He said "That is a little excessive." He started me on Prozac and it made me feel NORMAL again. He explained to me that depression was a real perimenapausal problem. I wish I'd have had Sparkpeople then to help teach me about exercise and diet.
  • The part of the article that really got me was..."they’re also more likely to suffer stiffness and chronic back pain, irregularity, poor circulation, shortness of breath, weak muscles, depression, and sleep disturbances"...all I could think was how did she know?!? This article's a keeper and now in my 'favorites'!
    Super article, exercise got me through menopause. I never really had all the horrible symptoms, I hear other ladies talking about. Even the peri-menopause wasn't anything to complain about.....the periods just petered out and one month stopped and that was it......
    I started having some tell tale 'signs" over 2 yrs.ago at age 38., just before I started my weight loss program. I've been working out 3-4 times a week, working with weights and generally spending less time on the sofa! low and behold a few months ago I started having hot flashes and night sweats! I didn't start this quest to manage menopause so I won't quit just because it's not helping me. Just know, it doesn't help everyone!
    This article was timely for me. I recently was diagnosed with uterine tumors and am now facing a hysterectomy. I am not thrilled about the idea and even less happy with the doctor's requirements for no running (my passion) for at least 5 weeks. This article will help me handle the onset of menopause after the surgery and keep me motivated to return to my running lifestyle. Thanks for the right information at just the right time!
  • There is an article in Health News on this site that is about a new study and exercise easing some of the symptoms of menopause. Unfortunately, this study states it did not help with hot flashes, just the ability to cope with them. It does say that exercise was great for stress reduction and depression.

    If you're having a problem with nite sweats and hotflashes, cohosh or flaxseed/flaxseed oil seem to be quite popular. I personally came upon the flax for something else and it worked absolutely terrific for controling both the above symptoms.
    I just started having the "power surges" as I call them. This article is one more reason for me to get up and get going!

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