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An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

Get Moving to Relieve Discomfort


  • SMT635
    You don't go "through" go TO menopause. It's the perimenopause phase that can be play havoc with your body. - 9/26/2009 12:02:04 PM
  • Menopause is such an individual experience. Because of a knee and shoulder injury, I was not exercising during mine . I experienced essentially a big nothing menopause, took no hormones. My sister said the same--no big deal. My close friend, who is thin, healthy, and an avid exerciser, went into a severe depression and could not concentrate. She didn't realize she was menopausal so she sought treatment for depression. When her boss heard she was getting psychiatric help he subjected her to a reign of terror until he tortured her out of her job just short of eligibility for early retirement benefits. Eventually, she went to a women's clinic that specializes in treating menopause and snapped out of all her mental problems upon starting hormone therapy. I have friends, both exercisers and not, who have been on hormones for 15-20 years, because they could not function when their doctor tried to wean them off. In short, I think exercise improves about all bodily functions, but menopause is way more complex and individualistic than this article would indicate and even exercisers can find it so difficult that they are essentially disabled by it while some non-exercisers breeze right through it. - 9/22/2009 6:03:27 PM
  • when i started going through menopause, i began working out more. the physical exertion seemed to help the symptoms, so i did more. i never took hrt or soy products, but i worked out like a fiend. i would go to the health club 5-6 days a week. i did hours of weight training, cardio and aerobics. i was in great physical shape and though i had some hot flashes, nothing too severe. no night sweats or mood swings. working out really got me through it. - 9/22/2009 3:30:20 PM
  • I'm sure that exercise and lifestyle does help. Some women just have an intense peri-menopausal experience. Other women don't experience a single hot flash. I'm 52 and 4 years post menopausal. Lately I'm not having hot flashes and I hope that they don't come back. I experienced hot flashes for about 10 years, some times they were severe, coming nearly every hour. A person can't get a decent sleep when they are flashing constantly. I also had frequent ocular migraines. I tried many things. The physican was reluctant to put me on HRT and I didn't know what to think about HRT. - 9/22/2009 11:22:18 AM
  • I have been suffering from hot flashes for several years now. I do ALL those things that every article claims will help me. I eat a balanced diet - no meat - and make sure that I get proper protein from plant sources. I do varied exercise four to six days a week and have been doing so since I was seventeen. I make sure to keep my weight down. I weigh 128 and am 5'5". I have tried just about everything sold over the counter and have tried several holistic avenues as well. NOTHING works. I refuse to take any drug that has been tested on animals. When I told my doctor that I would like her to recommend something for me that hasn't caused an animal to be be tortured her response was "Then you'll just have to tough it out." At this point that is what I am trying to do. I have lost faith in any 'experts' advice at this point. - 9/22/2009 2:20:06 AM
    I'm with all of you ladies who've documented no help from exersize. I've been a runner since age 27, and log in 23-25 miles a week currently. I flash all day and night, and have become famous for various fans I carry around with me. I've become very creative at fanning myself. Black cohosh has been studied and found ineffective for hot flashes. I did find accupuncture helpful....till it, too, stopped working. Again, no documented proof that it helps. I don't dare use soy or HRT, as my sister has 4th stage breast cancer, and my maternag grandmother died of ovarian cancer. I was thin going into menopause, and was prescribed the dreaded effexor for the flashes. Hello 30 pounds! And the sweating was WORSE as each dose stopped working, and my MD kept hiking the dose to 112.5. 4 months of withdrawal and a week off from work to stop totally made me the poster girl AGAINST taking that awful drug! But it's the weight that hurts the most. And it takes so friggin' long to lose a pound!!! I can find no difinitive answers anywhere about the best approach to dropping the weight, aside from cutting calories down to nothing. HELP! - 9/21/2009 10:53:03 PM
  • like many of you, i wish the article was more specific. Exercise definitely makes me feel better, but i do not think it is helping with the symptoms of menopause. It would be nice to get some actual advice on how to handle some of the more life-altering symptoms. - 9/21/2009 6:17:30 PM
  • SLYNS5
    I've been suffering with menopause for 22 years and can't take HRT because of having breast cancer. Now, the prednisone given to me for Polymyalgia Rumatica has made the menopause problem worse. Stronger hot flashes, mood problems, anxiety, fatigue, weakness, sweating, etc. I'm sure exercise helps with many health problems, but this article made me laugh. Well, actually, it made me want to cry.
    - 9/21/2009 6:01:10 PM
    This article is very good, and true. Thank you - 9/21/2009 4:26:39 PM
    The advice is good for any stage of life. I'm 69 and was through with menopause by age 40. Although I didn't have many problems, I'm soooo glad that is w-a-y behind me. - 9/21/2009 1:26:13 PM
    I agree......this article is overly simplistic. Everyone knows you need to exercise. Where are the REAL suggestions for managing menopause? It would be nice to read some advice that is from new research on the topic. Just my opinion. - 9/21/2009 12:35:20 PM
  • Exercise has made no difference to my symptoms either. I believe there are environmental factors that come in to play, stressors, as well as genetics and an assortment of things that come into it. Exercise is vital for a host of reasons, but cannot take credit for 'curing' menopausal symptoms. - 9/21/2009 11:42:12 AM
  • I know this article has good advice, but I get annoyed by such cheery "exercise & nutrition will fix it" guarantees. I DO exercise and I DO eat right and have all of my life. But I have had to take BCPs since age 42 juts to keep me from jumping off a cliff with horrible symptoms. (I'm 49 now...that's 7 years of drugs!)

    I'm the kind of person who never even took an aspirin! I'm scared of the risks, but if I go off, it's unbearable. I only take the BCPs about every other day or every 3rd day and I'm 100% sane, happy, healthy.

    Jazzie - 9/21/2009 11:21:41 AM
  • MARCIA530
    I have found that while exercise makes me strong and makes me feel good, it has done nothing for hot flashes. I have them them about once an hour day and night. (Weekly: 2-3 hours of Zumba; 50 or so miles bicycling; 2 hours Pilates; gardening) - 9/21/2009 11:07:02 AM
  • MARCIA530
    I have found that while exercise makes me strong and makes me feel good, it has done nothing for hot flashes. I have them them about once an hour day and night. (Weekly: 2-3 hours of Zumba; 50 or so miles bicycling; 2 hours Pilates; gardening) - 9/21/2009 11:06:53 AM

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