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9 Dieting Paradoxes that Make Perfect Sense - Part 1

How Can That Be?


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  • Good information.
  • Thank you! Very informative! :)
  • I love reading stuffs like this, it is a good help.
  • Doing "not perfect" is a lot better than doing nothing!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! "Trying to be perfect can hinder your chances of being excellent." WOW....what a great concept to wrap my mind around. Thanks for a great day-starter. Wonderful article and once again, I'm so grateful for this remarkable website!
  • Voltaire said (rough translation) "The perfect is the enemy of the good."

    Way to go - right up there with classic French philosophy!
    I LOVE the statement "Perfectionism does not lead to perfection." I just posted it on my wall. Every time I quit a healthy living plan it was because I couldn't do it perfectly. Understanding this has been a huge help this time around. Seeing this quote reminds me that it is universally true.
  • Great article! Keep 'em coming :)
  • LEAN04
    Thanks for the article, since being told by my doctor, that I had diabetes life has changed but this article was on point. My daughter and granddaughter has been sent this article to help them achieve there goal in losing their weight goal and a healthy life style. Thank you so very much, it help me also. Tx-Wilean04
  • Thank you--you gave a focus on things I knew deep down I needed to change in order to succeed, Very perceptive well-thought out points! Thanks and keep them coming.
  • I think only a perfectionist would criticize the article! A writer can write anything they feel or think and put it in any form they wish. If you don't happen to like it, It doesn't make it wrong and it doesn't mean that it is poor writing. Instead of taking your time to point out what you didn't like to everyone else, you should just move on to another article. I'm sure there is plenty of people out there who did like it. It actually had some good points for me to remember, which is the whole point of these articles -to give us things to think about and work on.
  • This is a great article that applies to all areas of life. I return to it over and over again and have passed it on to others.
  • This needs a rewrite. Any of these points is valid, but this is a poor article overall. Each topic should have a seperate article devoted to it. These are not "blurbable" themes - a paragraph on perfectionism is just going to raise the hackles of perfectionists without giving them any insight on the dangers of their habit. The other two just didn't resonate in the least. What was that business about working harder until it starts to be fun, or some junk...... ???
  • While I think expression of one's opinion is important - I think it's also equally important to be respectful of others.

    Thank you for an excellent article - I absolutely avoid doing things because I'm afraid of failing! I think we all need to go a lot easier on ourselves! Weight loss and healthy living is a continuum, and I think the direction our intentions leads us the majority of the time is what will bring results..

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