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Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

What the Research Really Shows


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    Under "Ease your stress without Supplements", the 3rd sentence states 'Exercise, meditation and yoga can then be used to cope with stress that you can’t eliminate.'

    Prayer was left out; which has been shown to help in coping with and/or eliminating stress.
    It seems so easy when you read it in writing but it is anything but easy for us emotional eaters of which I am one. I can make all the lists I want about other ways to handle my stress other then eating but I still often lack the will power to use those methods instead of the easier step of eating something. I just need to develop the will power to say no to food.
  • Those of us who've been around the block more than once absolutely realize that stress causes weight gain; stress is also the cause of much, much more. Why else is there so much stress (hmmm) placed on the importance of relaxation.
    Fortunately, for many people stress isn't the only cause of weight gain, and for those people, I think their weight-loss solutions might be fairly simple. For we who use food to relieve stress, the solutions are never simple.
    The article was simple, to the point, and a confirmation that finding a better form of stress-relief is key. Knowledge is power, constant reminders are necessary,
    Thank you for posting this article.
  • 1954MARG
    I am sure that long term stress does contribute to people putting weight on. It causes the fight or flight response which mobilises glucose release. Insulin resistance is recognised as being more prevalent in people who are overweight and makes weight loss more difficult.
    When I'm stressed, I can't sleep. When I can't sleep, I feel more tired . I used to eat when I'm stressed. I started to do some meditation but it has not worked for me, yet. I started taking my dog for short walks and it has helped lessen my stress level . My dog is losing weight... But I am stuck.
  • With my body, I have found mild stress causes me to gain because I nervously pick at food, but extreme stress makes me lose weight because I just can't eat. The latter has happened only twice in my 76 tears.
  • This article did little to address the confusion about the stress response of higher cortisol levels and its contribution to inflammatory effects of abdominal adipose tissue, poor glucose regulation and weight gain.
  • ....if stress from family and boyfriend cause you a 20 pound weight loss I pray that you make some adjustments in those relationships. That is far from healthy and you deserve better.
  • Part of this article could be worded more clearly. Studies may not have shown that herbal supplements are effective, but studies certainly have shown that cortisol levels influence weight & sleep patterns.
    Comments like "stay away from the refrigerator" show a lack of knowledge and understanding of real health problems. I don't gain weight when I'm stressed but I certainly do whenever I have to take a course of prednisone which is related to cortisol; last time it was 30 pounds in three months and it took me two years to get rid of the weight. Fortunately my chronic illness is currently well controlled on other medication, but I would be very careful about judging others when I know nothing about their personal circumstances.
  • Some have commented on how stress causes them to lose weight while others find it causes them to gain weight. I'm wondering if this needs to be taken one step further....the kind of stress or mindset of the person involved?
    Stress can come at all levels and I am struggling to remember that it is okay for me to come first every now and again.
  • For unusual circumstances (like 2 years of sustained "fight or flight"), I think cortisol flooding definitely impacts weight gain. I gained 60 pounds within the 1st year of my daughter's 2 years of cancer treatment, and prior to then I would have found it nearly impossible to force myself to gain that much so quickly if I tried. I don't think it is all as simple as the equation of intake/output under extreme circumstances of sustained high stress. I'll look further at adrenal fatigue syndrome, because that seems very possible for me. I feel so thrilled on the one hand that my daughter is healthy and thriving and so sad on the other that my own health has gone downhill in order to save her life.
    its how to balance your stress levels,im learning all the time.
  • I think for me, stress definately can make it easier for me to escape with food...for some people, stress makes them NOT hungry...depends on the person I guess :)

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