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Concentrate On Your Core

Exercise Your Body from the Inside-Out


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  • It is simple and helpful. I had never heard of the leg press; changed hand position so not right on knee joint, repeated & extended count. On the crunch, concentrated on keeping neck as relaxed as possible and not raising much, but really tightening abs. Then flipped over and did some of Coach Nicole's back raises to balance. Surprisingly effective!
  • Though an old article, this is real good. Some very good, basic tips. Thanks!
  • Never thought about my core like that. Great article.
  • Just what I needed! I teach 8 hours straight and never sit down. I do feel it in my lower back.... Thanks!
  • This article is a great starter! I will be delving into this topic!
  • I would have enjoyed even more of this article ! More on this subject please ! Thanks.
  • i agree that the exercise bike is the best core strengthening workout for me.Everyday i can feel my back muscles working correctly as i walk.Being a top-heavy lady this is better than jogging for me,
    DahnYoga focuses their exercise on the core and we do alot of abdominal tapping. This has made my core very strong and it really works. check out their website.
  • I have been doing at least 3 core workouts a week for many months and these exercises have strenghened my back as well. I've had some lower back issues for years and my pain is gone. I try to workout my abs every day. Using a stability ball is different than just doing crunches. You have to really be aware of balancing your body so you don't fall off the silly thing.
  • Probably the best SINGLE core strength exercise is the "bicycle." It works the frontal abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus) and the obliques, plus the transverse adominals. I highly recommend core strength exercises -- 30 minutes at least twice a week. They have made a BIG difference in my running, and help greatly in backpacking and just about every other activity as well.
  • MANPA764
    I had one of my stomach muscles used to reconstruck a breast due to cancer and really
    have not been able to tighten my abs since. Will these core exercises really benefit me? Since that surgery I cannot get certain clothes I used to wear to fit around my waist.
  • One great exercise that wasn't mentioned in this article is the plank. It's on the exercise demos, though, so you can look it up and see how it's done. It is great for really working deep stabilizing muscles and creating a flat stomach look.
    Deep water exercise with the body held in a vertical position while movement of arms and legs act as a destabilizing force is very powerful and well-balanced core exercise. Plus it's fun, not sweaty, and you are scarcely aware of how hard and constantly you are working!
  • What a timely email article! I've been struggling with what to do with this area for a few weeks now. I had surgery late last fall and it required a Herman Munster incision from one side of my abdomen to the other. I used to be able to do crunches without any difficutly and now I'm like a beetle on my back with legs and arms flailing!

    I started a running program and am enjoying it but found I was struggling with the pain in my core region after the run and all the next day. I feel the lack of strength in this area has been stopping me from making greater progress with the running. If I can get this area built back up, anything is possible!

    So I'm off to get working on that transversus abdominis!

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