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How to Pick a Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Watch Out for these Breakfast Cereal Scams



12/2/2011 7:42:34 AM

Sorry, I forgot sugar 3gm a potion.


12/2/2011 7:41:11 AM

Check out Kay's natural cereals. 15 CHO 9 protein per serving. But you can't get them in the grocery store. I buy the portion packs and they are satiating.


9/2/2011 11:45:58 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
If you want a real eye opener look on the internet for the story of "Lucky Charms" - they couldn't sell this relatively healthy cereal so they added CANDY (essentially) to it and then aimed the ads at kids. Pretty pathetic.


7/31/2011 1:30:39 PM

I like Zoom, whole wheat cereal. It needs heated up, but it's very good!


5/5/2011 1:01:25 PM

CAROLJEAN64's SparkPage
As soon as my children could read, they were allowed to pick out cereals.... however, the sugar content had to be below 10...That sounds like a lot, but most below 10 were well below. Visiting Gramma was a special treat cause they could have sugared cereals. As adults both of them eat healthy breakfasts.


2/28/2011 6:35:58 AM

I mix Honeynut Cheerios with plain Cheerios for half and half combo. Sweet enough without a ton of sugar.


12/5/2010 3:07:18 PM

BEHAPPI63's SparkPage
On occasion I eat Kashi Cereal, mostly eggs all different ways, my homemade healthy muffins with yogurt, and try making your oatmeal and stir in a fruit flavored yogurt (your preference) into your oatmeal. Gives just enough sweetness and awesome still got room for a piece of fruit and or toast.


12/4/2010 10:19:39 PM

I love oatmeal and am trying to lower the amount of sugar that I put in it. I like the idea of fruit in it's own jouice. I hope this works.


12/3/2010 1:08:41 PM

COOKI3123's SparkPage
now that it is cold in a good part of the country....Oatmeal is a Natural!


12/2/2010 11:45:09 PM

MARGARITA312's SparkPage
I have oatmeal every once in a while but what I eat every day is special k with vanilla and almonds don't know if it's right but it's good!!!


12/2/2010 12:58:25 PM

Read the cereal labels, even on oatmeal unless you buy plain rolled oats (not instant) or Irish Oatmeal many contain lots of stuff you don't necessarily want. i.e., salt, sugar,
We usually add sliced bananas and non-fat homemade yogurt.


12/2/2010 12:20:27 PM

This is not a scam. They did not claim "lower calorie", they just claimed "lower sugar". Unless they replaced the sugar with water or air or reduced the serving size (which I am sure people would not be happy about), the calories will not go down. Please stop trying to create a stir where one isn't warrented.


12/2/2010 11:43:54 AM

I try to eat oatmeal with blueberries each morning.


12/2/2010 11:05:12 AM

KWRIGHT26's SparkPage
I know that cereal isn't the greatest of breakfasts, but I like it. I have a calculator in my kitchen for when I adjust portions, and if I need a fast breakfast I eat a whole cup of Honey Bunches of Oats with 2/3 cup of nonfat milk. It tides me over just fine. The standard 3/4 cup with 1/2 cup milk works well for my afternoon mini-meal, too. I REALLY like the plain, unsweetened varieties with sweetened greek yogurt.


12/2/2010 10:21:21 AM

MINDHORIZON is right about the calories. It's not the number of calories, but where the calories come from. The volume of a serving is the size it is to achieve the number of calories wanted for a serving. Obviously, they're not going to hack down the size of the serving to reflect the calories no longer coming from sugar. You should be happy that your 100 calories now no longer have a large portion of them coming from refined sugars.

The problem is this article doesn't even address one of the other big lurking problems of cold cereals: they are not nutritious, even when "whole grain". Most of them have been puffed and extruded. High heat and high pressure damages the proteins and nutrients, which is why they're sprayed with artificial vitamins. (And you know what's lower in fat than whole grain? Refined white flour. The germ of a grain contains most of the fats and basically all the nutrients. Maybe people should rethink their fat phobia...)

It's also a horrible way to start the day: a cold, low-calorie, non-nourishing meal that does not provide a fraction of the nutrients, non-refined calories and satisfaction that a hot breakfast can provide. And if eaten with skim/low-milk or soy you won't be getting ANY nutrition from it. Fats and the nutrients in them are essential for assimilating nutrients like calcium. If you're eating an already denatured food with non-fat milk then you're eating a very cold and empty bowl that won't keep away hunger for long if at all. I knew some teenagers who would eat three or more bowls of non-sugary cereal just to get enough calories to get them through the morning.

People tend to forget that you need calories to start the day, so if you eating a cold cereal you're not getting much, and if you are it's empty sugars and refined carbs, which will not keep you full and happy till your next meal. I can have an egg, a slice of bacon and a slice of toast with butter for under 300 calories. Not only does it taste good, it's warm, filling and provides far more protein and barely less fiber.

Don't just avoid sugary cold cereal, avoid ALL of it. Eat toast or oatmeal/porridge and have an egg.

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