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Strategies for Salad Bar Survival

Not Every Salad is Diet-Friendly


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  • Great tips!!!!! I use the dip the fork in the dressing on the side method and it works beautifully. Always good to really think of what is HEALTHY to put on top of the lettuce.
  • Another tip that saves calories and reduces fat is ALWAYS serve your salad dressing on the side. Either dip your fork in it before you spear your food, or dip just a small bit into it as you eat. Not only will you use less salad dressing, your satisfaction will be higher. Each bite gives you a taste of the dressing, without excesses.
    Thanks for sharing
  • This is helpful, but I don't like how Sparkpeople articles always use lame cliche phrases like "dangerous calorie land minds." It makes the sight seem tacky. 😛😛😛
  • Thanks for sharing this info!
  • Thank you for this article. I enjoy going to restaurants that offer a salad bar. I skip the croutons, cheese and other unhealthy choices. I also when available I chose oil and vinegar versus thousand island or ranch.
  • The chart is very helpful but I wish it included sodium content.
    Thanks for this article. It is extremely helpful.
  • I thank you for this article,lord knows it is going to help me and my mom. Thanks
  • This is really helpful. When I do clinicals in the hospital for school it's very easy to think you're being healthy with a salad... but you can go way over board with the higher fat items if you're not paying attention.
  • This is very helpful. I printed it off to make copies for my weight loss group.
    Thank you for the article it is very helpful!!!
    Doesn't this rather take the fun away from eating out, though? I can make a plain green salad at home, and do it more cheaply, too. I don't make the fancier ones, because my husband is watching his weight and it isn't worth making. potato salad or rice salad for one person. On the rare occasions we have a meal outside our own home I prefer to eat something I CAN'T easily make at home.
  • Nothing is as gross than salad bars with all those awful mayonnaise-based offerings. Yuk. I hate mayonnaise. I hate sour cream. I hate all cheeses. I hate any potato salad that I did not make myself. At salad bars I like to make myself a chopped veggie salad and maybe top it with a slight slash of italian dressing or just some vinegar and oil, salt and pepper. I don't understand how people have trouble with this, those salads are just so GROSS. Just imagine all those mayo-based salads bubbling with botulism....I'll take a DRY salad any day!!!!.

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