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Tune In to a Healthier You

Time to Turn Off Those TV's!


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  • DOINITRIGHT2012 TV for over 4 years, and we don't miss it a bit. I wouldn't have time to watch it if we did.
  • I beginning to feel the same way about the computer, facebook, etc. In our house we call everything electronic (computer, tv, video games, etc.) "screen time" and we have to limit it. It's always amazing to me how I will sit down to watch one thing and get sucked into countless others. It's designed to do that, I suppose.
  • I have 3 TV's in my house, with no cable or antenna which = static. I can watch Netflix on one TV. Seldom is the television on. I probably watch 1 hour of TV a day on average. I don't have time for more. But there was a time in my life when I watched about 12 shows a week, and then some. Probably spent 4 hours in front of the TV a day.
  • Ditto. Haven't had TV in more than 30 years.

    People are amazed and ask questions like "what do you do?" to which we reply: talk to each other; take a walk, take a ride, read a book, and the list goes on.

    We have a couple TVs which are hooked up to dvd players for music, exercise videos, etc.

    Move it!!!
    When I moved out of my parents, I didn't think twice about buying a TV. I feel like I'm wasting so much time just sitting on the couch, staring at a screen, watching the dumbest stuff. Also I don't like that I often find myself feeling like I HAVE to watch some TV series because "everyone" watches them. When my boyfriend moved in, He bought a TV but we only use it once a week to watch a movie.
  • I was on my death bed watching tv. I gave it away, became bored and started to move around. If we can't turn the tube off, get rid of it! Our health is more important!
  • TV is like everything else--it should be used wisely.

    It is not an evil entity hungry to make you fat, stupid and lazy.

    To say TV is bad is like saying reading is bad--it's sedentary, it's isolating, it's bad for your eyes, etc...
  • I don't have a TV. I do have Netflix that I can watch on my computer, but it's been 2 weeks since I've even signed into my account! Now that they're raising prices I may get rid of that as well.

    My Gold's gym has cardio machines with individual TV's. I find if there's a show I really want to watch this can be a great motivation to workout.
  • I could live without TV. Occasionally I watch the Food Network while riding stationary bike, but I am not so fond of it anymore since everything has to be done in a big hurry.
    I prefer to read a book.
  • I couldn't do it there are some show I just have to watch (Nova on PBS and Coronation Street on CBC).
  • When I was in college I would come home from classes and veg infront of the tv for hours. If I missed a show I wanted to see I would tay up until 3 am to watch the rerun. Then when I graduated and moved in with my boyfriend, who grew up without cable, I couldn't afford to pay for it so we spent our first 2 months without tv. The first few weeks drove me crazy! I spent more money on renting movies that I probably would have on cable. After a while I started to find other ways to fill my time. Now that we do have cable we maybe watch 3 hours a week.
  • Statistics like this make me glad we don't have cable. And even glad that our digital tuner is broken, so our previous NBC and PBS aren't available. I'm afraid that I -- and my kids -- would be among those sitting on the couch for hours if it was in front of us. They've never had it and don't miss it. (And I don't miss the "gimmies" that all the toy commercials can produce.) Certainly there are shows worth watching. And there are certainly shows that are entertaining. But nothing that is as real as your own life, and very little worth spending precious time of your own life to witness. Weaning yourself from the TV is really an amazing thing.
  • I have discovered I am a rare breed, I do not watch TV. I OWN a TV & it gets turned on for 3 things: 1. New Years Eve to watch the ball drop 2. to watch DVD movies (on a rare occasion) & 3. I watch a DVD episode of CSI while working out on my elliptical trainer.
    So I wanted to share some things that I get done with the extra time:
    1. if you must watch, put your treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike in front of the tube & be a little more active. Or do sit ups, push ups, dips or other excersise during commercial breaks.
    2. That laundry pile that is stinking up the corner of the bedroom.
    3. Walk my dog
    4. Clean a bedroom or bathroom
    5. Pay the bills (it has to be done, might as well do it in a more relaxed environment!)
    6. Make a clothes line to hang the laundry & save money & electric
    7. Make tomato sauce from the tomatoes from my garden
    8. Pull weeds in the garden
    9. Go for a bike ride
    10. Call a friend I have not talked to in awhile.
    11. Give the dog a bath!
    12. List some items on ebay
    13. Read a chapter in a good book
    14. Make lunch for the next day at work (or for the kids if you have them!)
    15. Check the weather for the next day & prepare what I am going to wear for the day.

    So many things to do instead of TV, plus think of all the money you could save on your cable bill?!
  • I absolutely hate TV! I was brought up in a household without a TV, and although we have one now, it remains in the basement and is used only on rare occasions. TV is a great time-waster, and much of the regular programming is ridiculous. Historical or educational programming may be worthwhile, but the commercials are inane and tiresome. It's better for one's mind to read a book or magazine, or do something really productive or creative. I pity children who are brought up in front of a TV. As a teacher, I often saw the results of that.

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