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Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Cues to Eating and How to Control Them


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  • We are all trying to make changes in order to develop a healthy lifestyle. In order to move forward in this development and keep making progress, I don't think there is ever a time when you should feel deprived. Once you start feeling deprived and tortured, you're going fall off the wagon. So I say if an evening snack is a habit you're not willing to change yet, at least plan it into your day. Adjust your meals throughout the day so you have some calories left over for that evening snack. This may even work to your benefit. For example, I allow myself to enjoy a reasonable sweet treat as my evening snack. Because I know I can have something sweet in the evening, it helps me say no to sweets throughout the day. Have a plan and make good choices.
  • I question the advice on eating at the kitchen table and enjoying every bite. It is like waving temptation in the face of a starving person. I am much more in control of my diet now that I am eating in the libary on the second floor: It is a relaxing room, rather than a working room. To get an additional slice of bread or a some butter for the veggies or sauce for the steak: means a trip downstairs and back up and I usually decide it isn't worth it. The meal is what I intended to eat and it keeps me on plan. In the kitchen, I can just reach out and the sauce or the drink or the salt or whatever is immediately available and much harder to resist. Ditto, seconds that were intended for another dinner. Avoiding temptation works best for me.
  • KATNESS1469
    I will admit I usually have a small snack before bed BUT I get on the treadmill for half an hour after dinner and before bed. My snack usually is no more than 100 to 150 calories. Like 3 crackers and a slice of provolone or a frozen fruit bar, or a 100 calorie snack. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. And it's kind of unavoidable if you have to smoke to Go to Sleep.. (Some of you know what I mean)
  • Great article. Sometimes I can go all day eating health and then herecome that sweet tooth. Mainly on friday and saturday when hubby home.
    Sometimes I can't get to sleep without having an evening snack. And its usually whatever is on hand.
    Good article. Did not know about not eating 3 hours before going to bed. Am going to try that tonight.
  • Yes, evening eating has previously destroyed an EXCELLENT food choice day. I had started saying "oh I can just have this one" and it was turning into another one, and another one, and another one. Kinda like cigarette leads to another and another and another...

    I appreciate this blod A WHOLE BUNCH!!!
  • This is definitely my problem. I miss regular meal times, get very hungry in the evening, and munch on mindlessly. In the morning I'm still so full that I have no appetite for breakfast, so I skip it, sometimes skipping even lunch, and here we go again... I am trying to eat every three hours now in order to stop this cycle. And really focus on doing something interesting during the evenings instead of eating because I'm bored!
  • I am retired and late evening binging was ruining a day of good habits. I had tried the solutions listed and found the one that works for me is to go to bed earlier - BEFORE the 'binge attack' hits me.
  • My husband works midnights so he sleeps in the afternoon and then I wake him up at 8:30 when dinner is ready - Is this bad that we eat dinner at this time, it is usually a healthy meal.
  • Sometimes it is hard to do but I will try my best
    Try to avoid anything that may contain simple or complex carbohydrates for a week and you'll be surprised how fast the overeating in the evening stops !

    I have been on the Ideal Protein Diet for 60 days now and have not had a single urge to overeat, at night. My schedule doesn't allow to always stick to regular mealtimes. So, the absence of carbs seems to make the difference.
  • "The arbitrary 5.00pm" - well no, it is not arbitrary. It is merely a time of day that means something to millions of folk, but is obviously not viable for shift-workers.
    If you are on shift work, or other not-usual timings, change it around to suit.
    Your 5.00pm may be my 3.00am, who knows. Just use the information as guidance - it is so not trying to set down time rules for us all, just to give us ideas, and help us to make better decisions about our food and our lives.
  • could just cut wheat and grains from your diet and the cravings and urge to binge on evening carbs will vanish. Mine did. To learn more about the addictive quality of wheat read Dr. William Davis' book "Wheat Belly". It really doesn't have to be a battle of will power if you understand why you're constantly fighting a losing war with cravings and binging.
  • I am so guilty of this. I am fine all day but as soon as I hit the house look out. I eat dinner, dessert and snack all evening long. I work 8-5 most days but don't always get a lunch break so I'll have a snack at my desk so when I get home I'm starving and stressed so unfortunately eating is my down fall. Late night eating does pack on the pounds. When I worked 7-3:30 and had a regular lunch break everyday I didn't do this in the evening and I have packed on the weight since my schedule changed.

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