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Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Cues to Eating and How to Control Them


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This is my real weight problem eating at night.
I found 2 things that help me now at night i do my 35-40 mins of excirese at about 10pm.My faily thinks this is funny but i love it and sleep much better now.The other thing i do late at nice is play cribbage touraments on a game site Report
This is my problem, but it's because I work 3-11 shift in a highly stressful job. I have my "lunch" at about 7pm. By then, I've eaten a small breakfast, worked out in the gym for about 1.5 hours 5 days per week, and then had a moderate meal before work. I haven't gotten the "gist" of counting calories or planning snacks yet. Report
This is my problem. I am a multi tasker, my down time is 6PM. It is 6:30PM ; I just finished dinner, my snack is 1/2 serving yogurt and 1/2 bag of 100 calorie snack at 8PM.
8:30 until 10:30 is 16oz of water. I go to bed 12:30 AM. Report
This is TOTALLY my problem, too! I do great all day with meals and snacks and exercise when I can, but then about an hour or two after supper (8pm or so), I start craving something to munch -- usually something salty or Dove Dark Chocolate and then I munch until bed time. Thanks for the article ... I feel "a little" better knowing that I'm not alone in this. Report
I just to eat a lot in the I try to stop eating after 6.00. Instead I drink water or tea to distract myself ;) Report
i have the same problem too, i pack my healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks and workout at least 4 to 5 days a week but when i get home and eat dinner i find i can't keep my elbow from making my mouth fall open. my biggest problem is my lifelong battle with my overactive sweet tooth that can keep me in out of the kitchen until i go to bed. my new goal is to allow myself that one snack then no more until the next night. Report
How did this writer sneak into my house and watch me??? The stupid thing is, I KNOW this is my problem but I fall into the trap night after night. I printed the list of tips and plan to hang it in my kitchen where I will see it every evening! It's nice to know I'm not alone in these bad habits, anyway... Report
This is so me when i see it this morning i knew i MUST read i can do GREAT all day but mine is more so RIGHT before bed i can just Beinge for NO reason AHHHH i hate that ! Report
I saw myself in this article. I live alone and so often read and/or watch TV while I eat. Also, I often have papers to grade (I'm a teacher) in the evening and it seems I use eating as a distraction from grading. Report
This article is all about me. This is exactly what I do. I stay on track all day, even go to gym and then in the evening I just eat anything I can find - mainly bread. Report got me, i do so good through out the diet but i think my diet and exercise is negated when i eat an entire pizza Report
You are talking to me. Many days I skip either breakfast or lunch. I honestly don't need to eat during those times but I enjoy eating with my family and friends in the evening. I am truly a social eater at home and outside the home and these activities usually happen in the evening. I eat when I come home and while I am preparing dinner for the Kids. I know I am doing it but when you are in the moment you are enjoying every second of it. Only when it is over you regret the intake of cookie and the piece of cheese with crackers plus other snacks. Thanks for the reminder, I needed it. Report
This sounds like me. I can go all day being good then evening comes and i turn into a food addict. Finding sparkpeople may be the answer to my prayers. Report
I am DEFINITELY a night-time binge victim. I used to find myself getting home from work around 6pm and gorging on snacks before even getting around to cooking a sensible dinner. I found that one simple step helped me out with this problem -- having a 100-200 calorie snack at work around 4pm. It keeps the hunger away long enough that I make smart dinner decisions and smart decisions the rest of the evening. Report
Just what I was looking for tonight
Great article! Report

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