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11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss

The Littlest People Know the Biggest Motivation Secrets


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Nice little column--thank you! Report
At 66, and over weight, I don't even THINK of RUNNING...really? I can do that? WHY NOT. Love this article...Thanks so much for sharing. Report
Kids aren't different. Adults are different...discouraging outside play, buying videos and video games for gifts instead of bicycles and pogo sticks. Speaking as a teacher for the last 30 years, and the mother and grandmother of 5, left to their own devices, kids would rather be active, not team stuff, just run around and have fun stuff than sit just about anywhere. They behave and learn better too, if they can just go out and play for a while. Report
Obviously, not all information is current givne the Statistics for Obessity today. Report
That was a real "wow" article. Report
We can and should use these guides in many aspects of our lives. Thanks for the sunshine! Report
This is so true and mind blowing. I'm going to take this and use it every day and thank my son for being such a good example to me! Report
I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading this article. I never thought of exercise in this way! I love it and will read and re-read it time and again, and practice what it encourages!! Thank you. Report
This list of motivational reasons is a great list. I agree with everything in it. My goal is to remember to read it everyday as a reminder! Report
Great article! My life is so serious I've forgotten what it means to be a kid. Now I remember all the times playing ball, running the fastest, being the first one to be picked for teams. I was so athletic as a kid. Then, life happened and all that went by the wayside.

Thank you for the wonderful reminders. I'm taking them to heart and incorporating them into my SparkPeople program. Report
Good article! I was glad to find "playing with kids" on the list of exercises. It can be quite a workout! Report
I like this however I would like to suggest not doing the "If you don’t like it, don’t eat it." method. A wise woman in Japan once told me that you should try everything three times. After the three times, if you still don't like it, you don't have to do/eat it. Some people have a predisposed idea of what they are doing/eating; hence, the first two times around, the person may not like the new thing. Go ahead the third time and see what your opinion is, it might be revolution in the making! Report
I've always said that it's amazing how children have a complete inability to walk from point A to point B. No walking! They must run, skip, jump, hop, zig zag, whatever their little heart desires. Now that I have my own little wandering miracle, I look to him for guidance on how to not just walk. Report
What a great article!! The main reason I joined SP is to find a way to keep up with my grandchildren who bring me such joy but are su-uch hard work! I know it shouldn't be like that and now I will be making the extra effort to join them in their enthusiatic rushing hither and thither - not only for them but for me too. Thanks for the reminder that life should be fun and not just hard work. Report
This is a great article! And it's so true. I printed it out so that I can read it again at my leisure.


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