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11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss

The Littlest People Know the Biggest Motivation Secrets


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  • Such a great article - it made me smile today!
  • This is a great article how important it is to combine family time and workout time together. For me - my daughter goes to the gym with me (and my mom) we treadmill, strength train together. What is great is she is 11 years old. She pushes me out the door so I go. We are planning to jog/run/walk (haha) a 5K in March together.
  • I loved this article. It motivated me to keep trying and never give up.

    Thank! GREAT information!!
  • Well written! Thanks!
  • FATOS1
    so true .my grand is always on the go. running, jumping, climbing ,laughing .never likes to stay in door. learn from the children .it is so much easier to exercise so much fun
    i beleive in that statment
  • I LOVED this article! So well-written, concise and positive.
    A child shall lead them!!
  • REALLY NICE article! Immediately put me into a good mood and frame of mind, and I'm looking forward to letting my inner child out to play. Thanks for an uplifting piece!
  • I LOVE this!!! It reminds me of the, "Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" type books...but SO true!

  • As I a kid I loved jumping rope. I got in a good workout (other wise known as played) and learned to count by two's as we often did when jumping rope. You are so right, kids love to run. My son used to believe that a new pair of sneakers made him run faster. Perhaps I should treat myself to new sneakers just to test his theory.
  • If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. -- Nice, but authority figures do make you eat it. Hence, then next truth: chances are your eating habits won’t stick around long if you hated what you were eating. -- Thus, the disaster called my health.
  • Nice little column--thank you!
  • At 66, and over weight, I don't even THINK of RUNNING...really? I can do that? WHY NOT. Love this article...Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Kids aren't different. Adults are different...discouraging outside play, buying videos and video games for gifts instead of bicycles and pogo sticks. Speaking as a teacher for the last 30 years, and the mother and grandmother of 5, left to their own devices, kids would rather be active, not team stuff, just run around and have fun stuff than sit just about anywhere. They behave and learn better too, if they can just go out and play for a while.
    Obviously, not all information is current givne the Statistics for Obessity today.

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