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Transition into a Healthy Retirement

Retirement Can Be A Renaissance


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  • This article is really saying to try to continue doing all the things that make your life healthy and worthwhile no matter what your age or stage of work. As a retired person, I still don't have time for everything I would like to do.
  • We love being retired!
  • I have been retired for nearly 6 years. I take care of my disabled wife and myself. I really enjoy, in my other time, doing next to nothing. Different strokes.
  • I live near a rest home and many women do volunteer work, but men are scarce. I know retirement is an adjustment. You don't feel you are contributing to anything. Volunteering could easily be the answer.
  • Enjoyed reading all the comments as I contemplate my renaissance!! Hoping to make the right decision!
    Great comment from DoreenKnight64 -- that she married her husband for lunch also!

    Sharing every meal with my husband would be wonderful. He is that kind of guy-- and I am so very fortunate to have married him. He stays busy in retirement, always working on some project. We both enjoy time with our grandchildren, and taking hikes on nature trails. Retirement well planned can be a very pleasant experience.
  • My parents during their retirement - dad does small business, keeping his mind active, mom's helping him and one time, both did veggie garden (mostly my mom and she got more tanned, hehe). My mom also does more tasks around the house, I think also getting creative on her sewing!
  • SHERI1969
    I sent this article to my parents. My father has been retired just over a year now. Both are working out at a gym together, but they do face a lot of new challenges, including financially. I hope they get some good ideas from it.
  • My parents are in their mid 70's. I plan to be active like them. They still go to the gym twice per week. lol Can you imagine the granny wear. lol They are always moving and that creates a great attitude and that is the way it should be, don't you think!
  • Loved this article! I have been retired for almost 9 years and my husband for the past 6. We tell people that the best thing about being retired is that we get to do the things we want to do, not just the things we have to do!! My husband has always loved to cook and was our "weekend chef" for many years as our family was growing up. When he retired he told me that he wasn't interested in doing the cleaning/laundry stuff, but he could do all the cooking if I was interested! It was "hard" for me the first year, and I do occassionally prepare a meal for us, but I have learned to enjoy not having to plan the meals or clean up after them--he does it all and loves it! He even brings my coffee to me each morning--am I one lucky gal, or what!? We do have our separate interests, but enjoy being together as well. I am the one who needs to lose the weight, and he is a great encourager to me...even learning to not use quite as much salt when he cooks now! We enjoy our days of retirement, and as we've heard for many years...we are busier now than we ever were...and love it!
  • I read this article back in 2007. Today it is more practical than ever as I'm considering retirement in a few years (65 now) and am approaching it with a bit of trepidation.
    Thanks Rebecca it is a very estimulating article, it is exactly what I started doing, exercise and nutrition because I am planning to retired this year. I'm already jointed the Sinior Citizen club. The membership allowed me to go to water exercises three times per week . The other activities that I do not enjoy do to my job.
  • I have been dissabled and unable to work for just over three years now. I can honestly say that soemthmes there are not enough hours in the day. I find I have to keep active asI have a low boredom threshold and I can alwaysfind things to occupy myself with. I feel it is so important to do as much as possible, not only for my health's sake but to keep from becoming lethargic and eventua;;y incapable of doing anything. Ok, my circumstances are slightly diffeent in that if I don't do some activity I will eventually be unable to do things as my medical condition is such that it is likely to deterioorate if I don't. However, I would not use this as an excuse as I have to keep active. That way it makes life interesting and each day worth getting up for as you never kow just exactly what is going to be thrown at you despite all the well made plans. There is always a curveball somewhere along the way and this keeps you on your toes and up for anything. I totally agree with this blog as it is extremely apt.
  • I retired in December at 59. It was something I always looked forward to and I love it but it still is an adjustment in every way. I'm amazed at how much less money I'm living on and not feeling deprived at all. I resisted going out and getting another job right away which I really felt driven to do, worried about money and feeling guilty to not be working like everybody else. Am finding the ways I want to fill my time. I made sure to move first to a nice little town that's very friendly to walking and biking so that's a really enjoyable part of my new life. I planned everything out, but that's how I do things. Some things don't turn out the way you planned (40lk) but oh well, making do with less can be fun.
  • Three years ago, I decided to leave my 60 hr per week job and find something a little less stressful. The biggest hurdle there was that my stressful job paid well and we managed to spentd as we earned. I won an administrtive job working 48 hours per fortnight, with a great reduction in pay, and managed to live on those earnings, I reached retirement age last December and now still work at the same job however have managed to reduce my hours to 20 hours per week, and I love the freedom it has given me. I never had time to join a gym and enjoy regular visits since joining in December 2008, I don;t have much spare time through choice, as I am now a volunteer ESOL tutor and have 3 students and having 6 grandchildren and Photshop on my computer, keeps me busy, playing around with their photos. I think life begins at retirement!!!!!

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