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12 Ways to Spot a Fad Diet

Identifying Weight Loss Scams


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  • Fad diets and dieting do not work only changing your life style works and keeps the weight off.
  • It is scary how many fast/easy ones are out there and are worth nothing!
  • We have probably all fallen for this at some time in our lives. I'm grateful I wised up.
  • We have probably all fallen for this at some time in our lives. I'm grateful I wised up.
    Healthy eating is the key for me.
  • Why at weight loss "pills" always on late night TV.
  • 97MONTY
    I truly believe that weight loss is a life style change. Thanks for the article
  • Whoa. A seriously rude comment in this thread. Not appreciated.
    My favorite lines from Marie Osmond's NutriSystem commerical:

    "No fads or gimmicks" -- NutriSystem qualifies as BOTH!

    "My belly is flatter now than when I was in my 20s" -- Of course it stopped breeding like a rabbit!!!
  • I thank you very much for the article. I think that the information contained in this article is great. Thanks again.
  • I am shocked at the number of comments here about the ads... doesn't everyone use AdBlocker? I could not surf without it ha ha...
  • Isn't this interesting? But isn't one of the challenges here on SP (the BMI Smart Challenge) sponsored by I-Remove...a pill (or something) that purports to block some portion of the carbs we eat? How can SP give this advice, but carry advertising/sponsorship from a company like this? I know that the ads pay the bill, but how about some integrity?
  • I do NOT believe in 'fad' diets. Diets such as Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Plexus ( the worst one out there) have been proven to be FAKES and they do NOT work. I tried Slim Fast and when I saw that I was NOT losing weight I stopped using it. I realized that it was a fake, fad diet just like all the rest of them. I wasted money on that crap and I will not be wasting my money on another crappy diet.

    I stick to portion controlling, eliminating sugar and pop, eating more fruits and vegetables, working out 30 minutes a day and drinking plenty of water.

    Those fake 'fad' diets know where to stick it.

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