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Give Your Workout a SparkStart

5-10 Minutes to Major Momentum


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    I would caution people to ease into high impact exercise (light jog, jump rope). I don't have any physical issues and I need 5-10 minutes just to warm up my legs and ankle/knee joints before I can start jumping and hopping around.

    For those who like exercise dvds, check out the 10 Minute Solution series. There are so many outstanding options. I have two of the workouts - Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner w/ Michele Olson and Rapid Results Pilates w/ Lara Hudson. Both are excellent.
    This is a useful tip about starting a consistent exercise program. Just getting up and doing something breaks the inertia.
  • I can totally relate to "Jane's" all or nothing mentality. I tend to think that if I'm going to exercise I have to at least feel something from it! I joined the Quick Fire Challenge Spark Team which advocates this program of easy, do anywhere type of exercises, and it's a great concept but I am finding it difficult to get myself to think that little at a time does add up. I usually give myself a min. of 20-30min. for a workout in order for it to 'count' in my head.
  • About two years ago I weighed 195 pounds and was very out of shape. I could not walk up 3-4 steps without getting out of breath. I had to lose weight to get to a healthier BMI. This meant exercise and diet. So, I began walking 5 minutes every morning. I did this til it was easy then increased to 6 minutes. I again continued at that level til it was easy ( about 1-2 weeks). I continued to increase by 1-2 minute increments. I have lost 35 pounds and can now walk for hours with no problems. I still want to lose more weight but the health benefits made every "minute" worth it!
  • This is a great article and has motivated me to commit to exercising at least 5-10 minutes every day. I have also challenged my Team and my Facebook and SparkPeople Friends to commit to this challenge. I believe that if we're all doing something together it help with commitment. I know it does for me. Thanks for this inspirational article.
  • Even though I read this before, it was good to read again.
    I think I need to start a couple of mini streaks for myself to spark up my 'routine'.
  • I think there are probably a number of us who can't do high impact aerobics because of joint problems; this eliminates workouts 1, 3, 6, and 7. Also if one lives in a house without stairs, workout 6 is eliminated. I like the idea behind this article but I wish it had provided guidelines for tailoring a short workout to your own personal situation.
    I'm trying to do something like this . Thought of it on my own just to get back into doing exercise. It's really good to see I'm on the right track and to have something to refer to for some structure and motivation.
  • Great Article. I'm book marking this. Even though I have a fairly well ingrained weekly work out schedule, I can often be caught out with sudden schedule changes or circumstance that leave my plans in the dust. How great to have a handful of quick easy to follow, little equipment required, work outs at hand. As usual Spark People rocks.
  • I am pretty fit. I run 20 miles/week and I do strength training for 40 mins 2-3X/week with 15 lb to 25 lb dumbbells. I have been on this regimen for more than a year. And even with this level of fitness I find the #2 suggested workout to be pretty intense for a beginner.

    Sit ups for TWO MINUTES? TWICE?? I would have a hard time doing that now. I usually do two sets of 30 pushups in my usual routine, so I wouldn't consider two sets of 25 pushups to be a beginner's level of exercise.

    Heck, maybe I'm not in as good a shape as I thought..... :(
  • I do cardio every day in that I walk 1 mile to and from the train daily- but that is not helping me to lost weight, I don't think, because my body is used to it by now. I am doing cardio/strength training pretty consistently three days a week, and yoga on a fourth, but I know I need to do more. I am going to start using these on the days where I "don't have enough time" or am "too tired." It might be just the thing I need to get more consistent and motivated!
  • I do leslie sansone walk at home dvds, I love them and she is so nice. I have the four fast miles and it is low impact, easy steps and great for begineers.]
    what i like is that she stops after every mile so you can go at your own pace. For a month I couldn't get past a mile (and felt like i never would) I just did 2 miles for the past three days!!! , so it might not feel like it but you will get stronger=) just do whatever you can at first it does get easier!!
  • 1,3,4,5,6,7 are great five minute sessions – but 2, is in my opinion asking for trouble.
    Push up and also, to a degree, pull ups, are serious weight bearing exercises and in my book shouldn’t be carried out without first doing mobility exercises to mobilise all the major joints of the body, and a pulse raising activity. This whole thing should take no more than 5 minutes, but without them, you risk very sore joints and muscles and mabe pulled muscles, which is always a possibility if you start any excises from cold.
    If I’m wrong on this I’d welcome a Sparkpeople expert to explain why.
  • Excellent advice.. I am going to start it Tomorrow morning!
  • ANGEL_2009
    i thought the article was really grear.

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