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Give Your Workout a SparkStart

5-10 Minutes to Major Momentum



10/25/2008 11:25:41 AM

COWAN96's SparkPage
1,3,4,5,6,7 are great five minute sessions – but 2, is in my opinion asking for trouble.
Push up and also, to a degree, pull ups, are serious weight bearing exercises and in my book shouldn’t be carried out without first doing mobility exercises to mobilise all the major joints of the body, and a pulse raising activity. This whole thing should take no more than 5 minutes, but without them, you risk very sore joints and muscles and mabe pulled muscles, which is always a possibility if you start any excises from cold.
If I’m wrong on this I’d welcome a Sparkpeople expert to explain why.


10/24/2008 11:27:03 PM

HEALTHNUT2009's SparkPage
Excellent advice.. I am going to start it Tomorrow morning!


10/24/2008 6:53:13 PM

i thought the article was really grear.


10/23/2008 11:52:14 AM

I love the short workout concept. It's a great way to get started. Or, restart after an injury. I used Jorge Cruise's 8 minutes in the morning and Rick Bradley's Quick Fit to get me going again. AND, according to the Spark People fitness tracker, that was 720 calories a week I wasn't burning before.


4/13/2008 7:52:45 PM

MSMJCZ6's SparkPage
This is such a great way to get started. I look forward to seeing more results!


2/18/2008 11:36:38 PM

This is very helpful and I can't wait to try


2/17/2008 8:21:54 AM

ok. i have add this to my favorite and was just concentrating on workout 1 for a week. Cus i want to improve on my breathing. ANd i have to admit that this is a good idea. I feel better and i think next week i am going increase my workout 1 to 2 mins each and then continue to workout 2.

I hope in long run i will improve a lot. i know i will as long as God shine His light on me.



1/28/2008 12:16:40 PM

Super article....these 5-10 minute workouts are incredible.......
I combined the first exercise workouts and it was an awesome 30 minute workout.....I can see how each one on its own every morning would give you a shot of energy...
I would recommend this article be read by everyone new to spark people......
What a welcome :)


1/18/2008 10:26:00 AM

This is a great article and also very encouraging for me!


1/18/2008 5:03:13 AM

LAWLI56's SparkPage
This is how I started my exercise habit, with 5 minutes stationary bike. Now I love it and do 40 minutes 6 days a week, despite the fact that I have arthritis and can't walk far, so I have to use a mobility scooter or car to get around outside.


1/17/2008 5:30:34 PM

NANCYJEAN6's SparkPage
Thank you for this article. I can honestly say I find myself in all these sineroes at one time or another, through the last 30 years. Good to know that now I'm on the right track and if'n I fall off I van just pick myself up and get back on track.


1/17/2008 1:41:44 PM

RIEMCK's SparkPage
This is EXACTLY what my program teaches. Women start from Point A (where they are today) and add small but incremental changes to their nutrition, workout, attitudes, and behaviors. "Greatness is a journey of a million tiny steps taken in the right direction."

This site has some of the best content I've seen regarding health and fitness. Keep up the great work Sparkies!


1/17/2008 12:28:47 PM

Kudos to the writers & people at SP -- every morning these articles manage to kick me out of bed and out the door. I want to learn to write as persuasively as you.


1/17/2008 11:55:42 AM

Great article! I think that 90% of the U.S. can see themselves as one of the people in the scenarios listed. I know I can


1/17/2008 10:37:04 AM

LUMPIE's SparkPage
Thanks for yet another great and informative article. I'm a Jane, and although I am pretty consistent, I often find myself skipping strength routines cause I've loaded my plate with too many. I just bought a computerised jump rope, and let me tell you it was money well spent (7 euros). I highly recommend it as a way to kick start your morning routine. It gets you going in a very short amount of time and I find myself more willing to train after, cause I'm all ready to go:)

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