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Give Your Workout a SparkStart

5-10 Minutes to Major Momentum


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Creating new goals, Report
Walnuts contain twice as many antioxidants as peanuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios. Report
I have been doing very well at challenging myself, but I want to build up on more cardio and strengthening. I did twenty minutes of switching cardio and strengthening, when I felt I was ready to follow an exercise video with the stability ball. She did a three minute warm up and then stability ball exercises, ten minutes into it, I am on the floor my head and back are aching. Why do I have to start small, I let myself get here, but I am ready to push myself hard to build up my core again. Report
It's so easy to do the 10 mins. And very often it challenges me to keep going a little bit longer. Good tip! Report
I'm on a pretty good streak of working out almost everyday as I found it helps my joints and body aches to warm them up by sweating. A nice 20minute soak in an epsom salt bath after a days workout is my reward for sore muscles. I just set the timer on my iPad under Clock for the 20 minutes and don't get out before then. I'm washing sweaty workout clothes daily and going through so much epsom salt a week! Report
For me the Power of 10 mentality works once I get the first 10-15 completed I am ready to keep going ! Report
I like the 10 minute rule, easy to fit in different parts of the day. Report
Thanks for the t Report
The article was so motivating to me...getting out of bed now to start my 10 mins.
Thanks so much! Report
Great advice. I just love it! I am revamping my exercises again and this fits right in! Thank you so much!!! Report
I'm a big advocate of "Just 10 Minutes a Day". When I began this, I most always did 30, but I knew I didn't have to feel guilty if I stopped at 10. This kept my motivation up. Within 2 or 3 weeks, my energy level was up and I was HOOKED. Report
Best to listen to your body, some times that spark just isn't there. You can feel it wit the first exercise, do not push yourself, there's always another day, however.
This is for anyone that is not seeing results, the elderly that just is having a hard time getting started.
I have found that anyone IMO can attain results if they do their best. I am in my late 70's, have been weight training for a while. I have increased strength, staminal, and muscle size by doing a regimented exercise program.
Increase weight after each set, then decrease weight in the latter sets, works for me, also slow lifts, up and down also accelerates results, my shirts are tighter, not from my gut, but from my shoulders, no brag, just the fact that muscles can grow at any age. Report
This works! When I started FIVE years ago my first focus was on eating healthy most of the time. Moving more was something I wanted to do but couldn't see how I'd fit in a 60 minute workout. So I started taking a 10 min walk before I left for work. then I added a 10 min walk after lunch. Eventually bought a pedometer and got up to 10,000 steps/day and if I walked briskly for at least 10 mins it would track "aerobic minutes" and I ended up getting at least 60 of those each day. Report
Is there a way to set up the meal plan for a vegetarian? Report
I workout six times a week (and these are challenging workouts!) and have one day rest. As a result I get sent articles on how to start exercising?? Report

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