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BMR Calculator

Learn your BMR in three easy steps


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  • Great article and calculator!
  • Mine shows 1362, I eat 1500 calories per. day and walk a lot and yoga 1 time per. week, I am going to start exercising more intensive. With the walking it keeps the fat off but not much with weight loss. I have lost 45 pounds in 18 months and have 10 pounds left to lose. I think with my lower weight and increasing my exercise the rest will come off. If I cut any more calories my Dr. will not approve and I will not get proper nutrition. I have lost 11 inches off my waist. I have a blood clot in one lung and low blood pressure from eating too healthy, it is 80/50 with salt at every meal I can bring to 100 and then I am capable of exercise. My Dr. ordered extra salt because I eat mostly real food and did not add salt to my cooking at home. I do also take the vitamins I need daily.
  • check out this link...
    or/ I did it manual on spark. then went to the link. It does the math for you. my manual calc was 1456. the link said 1462. Very close, and easy.
  • PS - I eat 6 or 7 times a day around 150cal each on average.
    If I eat more (around 250 cal in 1meal) I feel sick and bloated.
  • I have an extremely low metabolic rate.
    I need to lose more than 100 lbs as soon as possible (health reasons)
    The doctor put me on appetite suppressant pills (1 a day)
    and told me to eat up to 1000 cal max a day.
    Why won't Sparkpeople let me enter those as a goal?
    They keep increasing it to between 1550 and 1900 cal a day.
    That is about DUBBLE of what I should actually eat a day,
    even with (mild) exercise, like stretching, yoga, pilates rebounder.
  • So, my BMR is 1521, x1.2 is calorie range is 1200-1550 to lose. If I can't get it under my limit at least I'm almost always keeping my calories under 1800......and I'm losing nothing. At all. Wondering what the issue is....
  • POOKYRULES that's interesting! I bet that's why I'm losing at a higher range than SP recommends. I'm not an ex-athlete but I put on muscle easily.
  • Nevermind- I was calculating it wrong. Don't know how to delete my comment!
  • I am really confused by this. It is giving me about 900 yet sparkpeople says my absolute minimum calories is 1200? Does this work differently for those of us that are short?
    Does anyone ever answer the questions asked here? My BMR 1526.51 x1.2 1831.81 I workout aprox 600 calories a day 5 to 6days a week i have a differential of 500 to 1300 every day and still never lose weight. What is up with that?
    Does spark calculate your bmr or just set it at the average for most people? I'm talking abt when you look at the calorie differential reports. Thanks!
  • Beware-this calculation isn't any more accurate than a typical BMI chart because it doesn't take in account your body composition (how much muscle, fat, and water your body contains). I had my body composition calculated by a registered dietician and because my body fat is low for my weight (I'm an ex-athlete), I need to eat more calories than are typically allotted for my weight and height.

    If you feel like you are "starving" on your recommended amount of calories, I recommend getting your body composition tested. It doesn't cost that much.
  • Oh, apologies for the typo; I meant "current". Oops! :p
  • I gather that some people might not realize from the possibly confusing text that the result represents ONLY a completely baseline BMR. In other words, this BMR is for someone who is *lying down in bed all day and does absolutely nothing*. It is the minimum BMR needed to maintain a current weight with an activity level of almost zero.

    For a "sedentary lifestyle" that involves actually getting out of a bed and walking around, even if one doesn't exercise and mostly sits or stands (e.g.: desk job, watching TV from a couch, driving a car, whatever), the resulting BMR number above should be multiplied by 1.2.

    It might be useful to have the "sedentary lifestyle calculation" (x 1.2) added to the above calculation matrix, because I expect that many if not most of the people reading this page might not normally be lying around in bed 24/7.

    I would personally also add 4 words to the first sentence, for clarity:
    "Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is a measure of the energy your body uses AT ITS CURENT WEIGHT in normal, everyday functions, like digesting food, moving your lungs and pumping your heart."

    As mentioned elsewhere on this site (though apparently not here), BMR calculations are rough average estimates. People's actual individual metabolisms may vary. :)
    I did the math and it comes out as 1911.39, Im confused about what this means. Will my body suffer if I eat less than that amout? I havent started excercizing regularly yet : (

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