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Squeezing in Exercise

How I Learned to Stay Active on the Run


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  • all that running around in itself is a workout routine. get creative with it and enjoy
  • Great advice for everyone, I am going to put some of these into action. Before I got off track with my weight loss and exercise goals, anytime I was waiting in line, I would to stretches or sway from side to side. Making the most of every situation. Keep Sparking y'all
  • Wow - no one has commented on this oldie for a year. Use your drive time at red lights - how can anyone consider doing something so incredibly stupid yet alone advocating it. When you are driving you need to pay attention. Wonder if the "expletive" who cut me off right after a red light was still flexing their feet to hit the gas.

    The best way to have a healthy lifestyle and work in what is important is to say NO. Kids need creative play time not just organized sports .... interesting that what is supposed to raise healthy kids has instead resulted in an explosion of obesity. And then you read about free range kids - like there is something wrong with kids walking home from school alone - or going to the park or - name that activity. How do we teach kids today to be responsible if they are "kids" until they go away to college (where now they don't have to work).
  • Up front and pure honest help for the CEO moms who keep American homes up and running like they should be (no pun intended) : )
    My past experience as a CEO working mom applauds you for the great tools you've placed on the table!!
    Thank You Becky!
  • This article struck a deep emotional chord for me, because she describes my life. When I had little children at home, I used to wonder what those stay-at-home moms did with all that free time once all the kids were in full day school. I tell you what, those few hours every day disappear quickly just running a household, and then the kids get out of school, and I am on duty for the next 7 hours doing the same things she describes above.
    Thanks for the article. It makes me feel understood as I am about to squeeze in some exercise while I watch TV and then fold laundry.
  • I don't think that modern life necessitates filling every minute of the day. The description of the person's day in this article sounds like she's barely above water. It's only when you slow down that you can truly appreciate what life has to offer. Thank you, Glenn
  • GREAT !

    THANKS for sharing
  • Good article. I try to get exercise in a little every time I am doing something.
  • I do a few 'sink push-ups' in every room I clean.
  • Just as the experts suggest when the kids are young, "sleep when they sleep," I always exercise while my daughter is at sports practice.
  • This is a wonderful article. I have no kids at home and although I am retired I have a busy schedule which involves sitting activities (no, that's not an oxymoron) including a lot of time in the car. This is the first Sparkarticle I am going to hang up on the fridge (I have many in a computer file) as a daily reminder. LOVE the suggestions!
    I quote one of the above Sparkcomments: "There is no excuse not to exercise; you can find opportunities everywhere if you really want to. "
    you write you cannot understand that people without kids can get fat. I don't take this personally, because I'm not obese, but as an explanation:
    People react differently to events in life. Emotional stress for example, can be a cause for intensive workouts (like you would do, as I assume), but also for emotional eating up to eating disorders, or for aggression or depression. Those are just some of the ways people cope with intensive life events, depending on their personality. Many of them are here to change into a healthy way of dealing with things, like you obviously already do. Don't judge them on how they react, but inspire and encouragy them to change to a better way of dealing with everything :-)

    PS: please excuse my writing, I'm not an English native speaker.
  • 1 hour is less than 5% of your day!! Think about that :)
  • I think they should have added "dancing" while driving. :)

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