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Chocolate: A Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

A Love Affair with Good Reason


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  • I have a 10 gram piece of real 70% dark chocolate every evening (calorie counted). I much prefer it to milk chocolate which is usually a binge trigger for me. Not so the dark variety.
  • I've FINALLY learned to NOT buy hardly any at a time. If I bring it in, its INTO me almost at once. IF though I just buy one chocolate bar (Favorite at the moment is a butterfinger, not the big ones) and I am FINE For days. I've always been a junk food queen, and though some are NOT pleased, that's to bad, for I know me, I will not change.

    Before someone gets all upset it does work for me. I am down 110 lbs with 40 left to go. I am much healthier than I've ever been though by far my food would make most gain. I had been eating cakes, cookies, ice cream for meals before joining Sparks.

    I did have testing done and it concluded my taste buds aren't right. Hence a lot of healthy things literally taste like dirt. Yes, I've tried this/that.

    ONLY 40 lbs to GO!! WOOHOOO!!!
  • Thank God I don't much like chocolate!
  • A_GAME
    Chocolate is sooooooooooooooooo yummy! It has anti-oxidants in it that can prevent cancer and heart disease!
  • I've always had a fondness, really a fondness for chocolate. The dark really ones give me an upset stomach so it's milk or medium dark for me. I just have to be sure to keep only a very limited amount in the house or just wait until I go out. I always remember a very reliable bit of advice I got from my therapist years ago and stick by it.
    It seldom serves to deprive yourself of something that isn't dangerous to you so if it's chocolate just make sure that you pick the best brand and the most enjoyable variety and let yourself enjoy it. I.E. instead of a whole bar of some cheap chocolate like Hersheys etc. go to a special shop and get one or two hand made "candies" in your favourite flavours made from real European chocolate like Swiss or Belgian etc.
    And do not feel any guilt. After all you deserve it----I know I do!
  • It's true that sometimes a little bit goes a long way. For breakfast (instead of a chocolate croissant!) I have McCann's plain oatmeal (instant) one Splenda, cut up half a banana and 1 tablespoon of Nestles chocolate Chips (stir in after its cooked and everything else added). It is delicious and tastes decadent but only 250 calories! When you have a sweet tooth, this will save you from a horrible binge.
  • Please, Spark People, could we avoid the concept of "GUILTY" pleasures, etc., etc.?

    My nutrition is lifestyle based - I'm not into a 'diet' mentality and Sparks actively encourages us to embrace a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet. It would be great if this message were consistent through out all the site's messaging.
  • I couldnt control myself before with junk food and 'treats', so in the end just eliminated them from my diet / eating habits in total. I do think chocolate has some benefits but then again it is mostly sugar. I was surprised when one of my ex boyfriends put dark chocolate in his porridge because he was a super healthy personal trainer, run 25 miles a week kind of guy, which made me think a bit of it and now again is good. I just dont want a little bit to turn into a lot every day! I think next time I have oats, I might add one square of dark chocolate. I will savour and enjoy it but not see it as a sin to eat or as a treat cause it might then become a comfort food when I.m down!
  • I dislike the poll, because it doesn't leave the option for us that don't like chocolate - it gives me terrible headaches. I've never been drawn to it.
  • I've lost over 20lbs so far and I eat a serving of dark chocolate almost everyday! I just make sure to count it in my calories:)
  • Chocolate is one of my biggest weaknesses, but also one reason why I remain sane! Even with making smart food choices, I allow myself a small morsel of chocolate every now and then. And it tastes GREAT! I'm glad to know that its health benefits are discussed :-) Having worked in the chocolate industry for a holiday season, I also know the science behind the magical stuff, and have a deeper respect for it. And oddly enough, that did a lot to curb me from over-indulging!
  • I have a similar experience - reputation of chocolate is worse than the effect it really has. I'm a dark chocolate convert, and like to go for Lindt 70% or 85%. The usual very sweet milk chocolate is not so appealing anymore.

    I've also discovered that taking a square or two off from a 100g bar of chocolate is easier, than to control portions with snack bars of milk chocolate. So now, I directly go for 100g bars of quality dark chocolate, and I enjoy it even more, then before.
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Babies (frozen chocolate covered bananas)! The perfect food. You can't eat it quickly, the chocolate is of the best, melt in your mouth quality, and it's half a banana. It doesn't get any better.
    To increase my intake of dark chocolate to ejoy the discussed health benefits, yet keep calories to a minimum, I have started drinking home-spun hot chocolate. I ordered few bags of high end Dutch cocoa powder from an online gourmet chef site. Modifying a hot chocolate recipe from a leading US chocolate mfr, I used skimmed milk and half sugar, half Splenda. Also slightly increased the amount of cocoa powder. Incredibly delicious and hopefully a lot healthier than consuming equivalent volumes of chocolate bars (after all, moderation there is not easy...).

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