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Defend Yourself Against Diet Saboteurs!

Are Your Friends and Family Making You Fat?


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Great Article. Report
Good article. Report
Good to know. Report
thank you Report
Thank you. Very interesting information. Report
Great tips for handling on of the biggest enemies to weight loss! Report
Be grown up...nice. Report
thanks Report
I need to do this, and stay away from those people Report
great. Report
I don't hang with too many people that try to push food/drinks on me except one person but she has good intentions....ha! Report
Boundaries are difficult to set sometimes but this gives me some good pointers. Report
Today, I can create boundaries. Report
My whole office is one sweet landmine. I have learned to bring something that I can eat or drink to each event. I am also learning so much of the time, that what they brought isn't something that I crave anyway so it is easier.

I had one friend that works out constantly and lives on chicken and romaine lettuce, tell me she hoped I wasn't planning on losing too much more, when the doctor tells me that I have moved down one scale on the obesity ranking, that I am still obese.

It is interesting....... Report

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