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High Blood Pressure? Have a DASH of Spark

There's More to it than Your Sodium Intake


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  • Is it possible to have a DASH diet setup with menus on the Nutrition Tracker?
    I've followed this diet for one year and now have normal blood pressure and better health. The food groups are easy to follow. I made myself a little check list that helps me keep on track and to know what to choose if I want a snack. However, I haven't been able to find a good exchange list for the foods. For example, is one egg equal to one meat exchange? I wish I could find more details (maybe it is in the book, I haven't read it yet).
  • This was a good article to remind me of balancing my food groups. The nutrition guide is great but if you are charting your own foods this helps balance it out.
  • I was just diagnosed with hb 140/96 and at first the doctor was going to give me meds which he said would be for life. After discussing my lifestyle and my motivation to go back to healthier patterns of eating and exercise that I had before working the graveyard shift, he put me on the DASH Diet. I read some of the book at the Bookstore and went on-line and found great descriptions. The doctor's information was from 1997, but the new information is just confirming that this is an option for some like me. I have lost weight and feel healthier after just 1 week. I am returning to Sparkpeople for support. Fell off the Sparkwagon before. These DASH comments were very encouraging. Thanks all.
  • One of the best things I ever did was find out about the DASH Diet. I share it as often as I can. It is now being reviewed in my community by a Living Donor Transplant Co-ordinator. Even as a health profession they were not aware of it. It have some really invaluable information. One of the most empowering books I've ever bought!
  • I heard a chef say lately that she had worked all over the world and no other country uses as much salt as the US. WHY? I have cooked without salt for years (unless cooking for company), use lots of herbs and my husband and I are used to it. Everyone else likes my cooking, too. Through experimentation my doctor and I have proven that sodium directly affects my blood pressure. Even though I never pick up a salt shaker it is difficult to keep that sodium count really low.
  • i was diagnosed with HBP 3 weeks ago 195/110 and 1 week ago after going on diet and exercising it was 167/90. I am about to be monitored for 24 hours in case of 'white coat syndrome' and then have been told I should go on medication. I don't want to do this. Am trying to decide if the risk is too great and also trying to find out if I have to stay for ever on meds if I start them but no one can help. Nearly everyone I mention it to is on med for it. There must be a better way........ then I found Sparkle people.........I just made up my mind to try without meds, so thanks for thesupport help and advice!!
  • Thank you! Information helps to equip us in making smarter decisions regarding our lifestyle behavior.
  • I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure 2 yrs ago and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I am not into taking meds. I believe in natural healing. After being diagnosed, I went home and started researching other ways to get my pressure down. I found this DASH diet, started it and lost over 50 lbs and pressure went way down. I am living proof that this plan works. I will be on the program for life.
    The DASH diet looks simpler to follow. I can't be doing with eating specific meal plans each day. At least with the DASH diet you can work out how many portions to eat of each meal group and vary it by what you have in the house at any given time.
  • JADONA2006
    Excellent article and truthful. The dash diet has allowed me to loss a little over 50 lbs.
    I used to weigh 250 now I weigh 192 and hoping to loss another 60 lbs. My blood pressure is also doing better on- this dash diet. It is just common sense and salt sense. To much salt is not good.

    Take care,
    I have the "white coat syndrome" but the BP is up at other times as well....depends on what is going HDL is an envy to the doc, I exercise regularly, and watch what I eat.....I do think in women especially there is a connection with hormones and BP...When my lady doc (left her practice to work in emergency) was telling me how annoying it was to see obese people with low BP and lean people with high BP, she wondered that as well......This article is good!!!!
    I enjoyed reading this article. I'm 38 and have been on blood pressure medicine for almost 2 years now. I exercise about 4 times a week , and have been making better choices with my diet and its been a benefit to the rest of my family ,too. I'ts great to have some food guidelines and suggestions for us... thank you.

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