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High Blood Pressure? Have a DASH of Spark

There's More to it than Your Sodium Intake


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  • I have read several books on the DASH diet...I have even followed it for a couple of days and found that even my blood sugars stabilized. My doctor was very happy about that. I would recommend this to all who suffer from high BP and diabetes.
    Thanks for this article. How do I save this? I usually e- mail articles to my son's e- mail so I can print the article and read it over again but there's not even an option to do that.
  • This is a great article! Thanks for all the pointers for lowering hypertension,
    I would never have known some of these things without this information.
    Thanks Becky for posting this!
  • Wow! Such a great and informative article! Just what I was looking for. Sparkpeople you never disappoint!
  • MINNIEKS6101
    Great article! Thank you for this information! Several people I can pass it along too!
  • Great article and I too would have liked more info on the reason minerals affect high blood pressure.

    FFLYER Thank you thank you thank you. I've actually been hurt so much with the blood pressure cuff I'm made them take it off. I had no idea it was my Grandma Batwings causing the problem.
    My husband started with high blood pressure. I think is hereditary. His grandfather and an aunt died of high blood pressure. His mother have high blood pressure, too. I'm very sad because I have ALS and he help me a lot. We are veterans.
  • so, basically eat the way you should eat? LOL
  • I am 34 years and suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I don't eat vegetables no matter how much i try is there another approach i can tale to solve the problem, cause by reading this article it sounds interesting but there are lots of food i cant eat
  • DEIDRE143
    I was taken to the er this past weekend with a major head ach and bloodshot swolen eyes and found out my blood pressure was 186 over 118... I am 36 years 5 ft and 182 lbs...did not even think my headachs could be comming from blood pressure...I was put on meds and told about the dash diet.... I had already started to diet and had lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks but this has made me take it more seriouse then the fact I dont want to be fat.. my weight actually IS affecting my LIFE..Gotta Keep It Up!! :)
  • My husband and I have been following the DASH for six months now. We've both lost nearly the desired amount of weight and hope to continue this way of eating as a lifestyle, not a diet. We're definitely never hungry and I believe, for us, it's been the combination of the specific number of servings of each food group that brings the weight loss along. I've been following a 1200 calorie/diet regime and my husband follows 2000 calories/day. We've learned alot and continue to learn everyday of different things we can add to our plan to stay within the limits of calories/sodium/etc for the DASH. We are true believers! One tip I would add, is that you can make your own dry, low (or no) sodium mixes for just about anything you want to cook, i.e., taco mix, spaghetti mix, etc. It's exciting to find the recipes and implement them and to see the difference in sodium that the homemade recipe has compared to the mixes you buy. Definitely, one easy change you can make.
  • I used to take Lisinopril until I began to exercise regularly. Then, my BP when down to normal. & my kidney function returned to almost normal! When I went off cholesterol med, it returned to 100% normal. Now both my sodium & my potassium are low. I take potassium.
  • I wish there could have been more info on the role POTASSIUM , calcium and other minerals play in regulating blood sodium levels. Other than that it was a very good article.
    Ironically the last time I bought soy sauce the "no - name" brand had LESS sodium in it than the name brand "reduced salt" did. Go figure- it pays to read labels.
  • My father is 86 years old and has had hypertenion for over 40 years. When he was diagnosed, he was told to lose weight, exercise, and limit salt. He was one of the rare people who did all those things, but still needed medication to keep his hypertension under control. Sometimes diet and exercise aren't enough. I'm extremely grateful that by the time my father was diagnosed in the late 1960s there were medications to keep his blood pressure in check. He's outlived both of his parents, who died at much younger ages from complications based on hypertension (heart attack & stroke).
  • After 25 years, I was able to discontinue my hypertension medication after losing fifty pounds through a combination of DASH diet principles combined with cardio, strength, and yoga exercise. More importantly, by staying with this diet and exercise regimen, I have maintained my weight loss for a year now. In my retirement, I find myself training to become an instructor for the Silver Sneakers program and for yoga. Typically, I'm 20 years older than the other trainees for Silver Sneakers and 30 years older than those in the yoga training. It's never too late to begin working to be well. But you already knew that.

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