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Why Strength Training is a Must for Everyone

Strength Becomes More Important with Age


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  • I took one of those age tests online - and my fitness age is 22 years younger than my real age! Before I started this journey, I was 10 years OLDER than my real age! I'm back at my high school majorette weight -and, believe it or not, still just as limber as I was then! Yay, Spark People! I DO feel like a teen-ager again - and THEY can't keep up with ME!
  • Strength training is so awesome.
  • Hmmm, how come that guy in the red shirt is on that small stability ball (shame on the class instructor). Choose a ball that allows your knees to be at a 90 degree angle when seated.

    Nice article and timely as the cooler weather is upon us and many are forced indoors to exercise. However, stretching before a workout is a two edged sword. Muscles and joints are cold and not up to speed yet and if you stretch too much you can injure yourself. (especially if you are new at this kind of activity or haven't exercised for a while) Instead do some lower paced motions that are similar to your main workout. Perhaps do some light cardio and mild yoga or pilates for 5 to 10 minutes. Your body will appreciate your efforts a whole lot more and you minimize the risk of over stretching.

    Stretching after a workout is not an issue as long as it's done without over extending your range of motion. And DO NOT BOUNCE as you stretch! You can damage tendons and other connective tissue. Warm down is necessary especially if you elevated your heart rate. You want to get your heart slowly back down below 70 bpm. Slow jog, run in place, more basic pilates and yoga will help.


    Now get that body moving!
  • This article mentions stretching before and after the workout, but I've been thinking that stretching before working out--before the muscles are warm--could be bad for them...

    Maybe they mean stretching after the warmup and before the real workout.
  • My very FIRST of 200+ Secrets of Success {and was listed in the Nov.15,2012 e-mails!} was the IMPORTANCE and UNDERRATEDNESS of STRENGTH TRAINING over Cardio. In a nutshell, Strength Training burns LONGER than Cardio ,although both are good for your body and each is needed in keeping you strong and healthy. Check out my other Secrets of Succes;one may be of help to you! One important fact I have noted is that ST keeps your BONES in better condition along with enough calcium intake for the day {which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as we age}.~ Most problems people have as they age are bone fractures from a fall.
  • I notice that this article tells us to stretch BEFORE working out. NO! Nowadays we're told that stretching before working out hurts muscles. I see that it's worded to warm up and stretch before and after. This is messy and not too clear. It could mean that we are to stretch, then warm up and do the exercise, then stretch again. Or it sounds as if we are to warm up, but instead of segueing right in to the exercise, we stop and stretch, and then start the exercise.

    Please, Coach Nicole or someone, take a look at this.
  • Strength training helped me get off my plateau!
  • I, too, love strength work. I took prednisone for many years and losst a lost of bone density. In a little over a year, I have increased my bone density by 5% without the use of drugs. The slinician administering the test was VERY surprised that I could go up that much in a year with just lifting. No drugs needed!! Woohoo!
  • I just started last week and am learning to love it. I feel like I have more energy and am working toward a goal :)
  • This article is a great resource for me. I have been in midst of my menopause "power surges" for nearly two years now. Its good to know that we can do something as simple as strength train to keep up with our normal daily activities. Thanks for sharing your expertise.
    It's amazing how good you feel with even just a little effort each day.
    Just started strength training this month. Big difference in how I feel. Be sure to stretch too though
  • I agree 100%...that strength training is a long as you're able to....its keeps you
    Toned,Tight,strengthening your confidence also lol..and there's a spring to your Step....
    In knowing you feel...Energized!!!!!
  • No one mentions that lifting weights makes you look better. If you're vain about how your body looks, get involved!
  • Although we may know most of is very, very helpful to read the reminderes from time to time for that kick in the behind to get going again. THANKS a million!

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