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Why Strength Training is a Must for Everyone

Strength Becomes More Important with Age


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  • I really enjoy doing strength training. I love to use, and enjoy the many benefits of the Kettlebells.
  • Strength training is something I have to stop thinking about or doing half-heartedly. Time to put together a program today and get started!
  • I need to strength train more1
  • IT is very important.
  • I started this program while watching TV, during commercials. Before you know it, you're completed a whole session.
  • Little steps lead to big changes.
  • Exercise is not a means to an end. It's a tool for beginning your best life.
  • looking at the exercises here at spark to start doing some strength training as well. Thanks
  • So how do I start and what do I do?
    I have 3lb dumbells at home and a stretch band.
  • I spend a lot of time on self powered vehicles during the cooler months in Florida, I also weight train, in the summer I spend more time with the weights. Based on many articles I've read regarding, it's never too late to start a weight training program, I have noticed an increase in strength, and muscle size even though I am 78 years old. When I'm lifting I don't think of my age, just the routine. I basically do the same routines I've been doing for years, albeit with lighter weights, but the results are the same, keep increasing weight during each set, slow the lifts, concentrate. Although my goal is to maintain my strength, I've noticed my shirts fit tighter, my arms, shoulders, chest, have increased in size, BTW I also haven't forgotten legs, I do seated leg presses, along with calf work, leg extensions, leg curls.
    Bottom line, it's true, age is academic, you can gain muscles, strength, endurance if you do the programs and goals you set for yourself.
  • I like strength training with weights/dumbbells.
    Started out with canned food or bottled water and eventually put playbox sand in the water bottles to make them heavier. Now I have 2 - 1#, 2 - 2#, and 1 - 3# weights. I buy them usually at Thrift stores, sometimes at a sports store. The 3# is often too heavy for me. Sometimes I am still using the 2 - 1# weights. My shoulders get sore and pop some, so I take it day by day. Hard to imagine getting a lot heavier weights! Gyms are not really an option.
  • on day 14. Yea me. I can move easier then before. It is amazing how just a little bit of strength training helps.

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