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11 Exercises That Help Decrease Knee Pain

Need Pain-Free Knees? Start Here!



1/18/2011 2:09:00 PM

My left knee was injured several years ago and I tend to experience pain during some of my more strenuous workouts. This article has provided me with some ideas on how to continue my workouts without stressing my knee.


1/10/2011 10:05:08 PM

Glad to see some suggestions for improving knee-strength. After running my 1st 1/2 Marathon, the knees were the only trouble spot. I'll gladly try these out in preparation for the next big race this summer.


12/15/2010 6:39:38 PM

I'm glad I found this article. For some reason, in the last week my knees have been giving me pain when I walk up stairs or even get in or out of a chair. They were weak before I started having pain so I think it is just being overweight and out of shape that is the problem. I was looking for something to help strengthen them.


9/26/2010 12:30:33 AM

DMIGUEL1's SparkPage
Wow. It's amazing that so many people have problems with their knees. While I agree that stronger muscles around the knee could probably be helpful, it would be equally helpful to have comments from a physical therapist. We definitely don't want to make our situation any worse than what it is. I've also learned that our knees have good and bad days - so we have to go with the flow and maximize the strong days.


9/25/2010 6:35:52 PM

Best thing I found for my knees, is Mangosteen juice, and super antioxident along with elations!


9/25/2010 3:43:44 PM

In addition to the exercises mentioned in the article, I've found that walking backwards on a treadmill (or solid surface) is especially beneficial. Ten minutes at a low speed (1 mph), done daily, did the trick for me.


9/25/2010 10:39:50 AM

We do most of these in our morning boot camp. My knee is less achy, stiff and I'm building those muscles mentioned in the article.
Steps are the worse thing for me but I do it correctly and maybe a bit slower but the more I move the better I feel!


9/25/2010 8:00:17 AM

Excellent information. Many knee problems can be attributed to or exacerbated by week quads, hammies, abductors and adductors.


9/25/2010 6:35:26 AM

All this is great, some I still do, but the next day I am lucky to be able to move. Cheryl


9/25/2010 4:14:56 AM

MARCO2010's SparkPage
In general, it's a great idea. The only problem I see is that the stretches they are doing are fairly outdated and ineffective. A much better idea would be to get instruction from a therapist who is trained in Active Isolated stretching or AIS. Here's an example of one of the flaws. First, the muscle fights the stretch after 2 seconds. Hold the stretch for two seconds and release. Do ten reps. You'll get a lot farther. Next, we never stretch a mucle under a load. We stretch relaxed muscles. Otherwise, it's like the body sending a signal to the muscle to contract, and trying to lengthen it at the same time. In generaly, stretching will help. We have helped thousands of people with knee pain at our clinic & spa.


8/28/2010 7:28:03 AM

These exercises should certainly help me. I have bad arthritis in my knees and it has greatly limited my activities. I knew some of these exercises, some are new, but I'm going to work on them. Sometimes, and who knows why, we stop doing things along the way. After this reminder, I'm going to start them again. Thanks!


7/25/2010 5:16:48 PM

i tore something in my nee at work had ex rays, babied it is ok, i loved yoga and walkiigf and running, i have an ellipteca. i nw0red through it, pain pills last thhreee houre, release no restrctions. seemed beetter but normal activity and lifting at work ruined progress

pain level up again. Advice?


7/24/2010 10:58:43 AM

SOFT_VAL67's SparkPage
i had arthroscopic knee surgery 3 weeks ago for a torn meniscus and i have been doing alot of these in my physical therapy, they are really helping and have decided to purchase a recumbant bike because it is helping me so much.


7/14/2010 11:32:29 AM

I'm definitely going to be doing these. My knees don't necessarily hurt, but they crunch and crack a lot, and they've always been kinda weak. And I'm only 23! Hopefully this will strengthen them.


6/22/2010 1:32:12 AM

SVOONE's SparkPage
Actually going through a lot of knee pain for the last month and a half. Dr. says that it is arthritis and gave me meds. They are not working!!! This is my second time with knee pain. Theraphy helped the first time, I could remember any of the exercises, so I am grateful for these. I think this will help me get back on my feet where I can really workout. Right now confined to siting only and that is making me fatter.

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