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4 Knee Stretches and 7 Strengthening Exercises to Decrease Pain

Need Pain-Free Knees? Start Here!


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Thank you for the tips! Report
I need to find ways to deal with some knee pain. Hopefully this will help. Report
I have been looking for exercises that are friendly for the knees - especially since mine are starting to give me a lot of trouble lately. I have saved this article and bookmarked it so I can start doing these exercises. Thanks so very much Report
I was planning to post this to Facebook, with my 73 year old sister in mine, as she is having knee pain, due to arthritis. When I saw in the article the suggestion of ankle weights. I changed my mind. I've heard so much about how ankle weights can be dangerous. With the thought that someone might use them, I decided it was a bad idea to post this article. I thought it was a good article otherwise. Report
Great article Coach Jen. Love them all. I am revamping my exercises while getting ready for another 5% Summer Challenge, so these will come in handy.

Great timing! This was an answer to prayer, because one of my Sisters is preparing for a total knee replacement, and I'd soooo like to avoid that! Report
They left out one of the most important ones.

I got this from a well known health magazine. They called it the alphabet exercise. What you do is stand on one foot, lift the other foot up, and with the raised foot draw the letters of the alphabet in the air. What this does is exercise the muscles that stabilize the knee joint; standing on one leg and moving the other foot around keeps it from being static and makes the muscles work harder to keep the knee stable.

As a martial artist I do my version of this exercise. Stand on one foot and do really slow kicks or sweeps with the other leg. Really slow as in it might take ten seconds or more for each kick. The kick can be as low or as high as your condition allows. The effect of this is the same as the alphabet exercise except that the range of motion of the moving leg is greater so the muscles stabilizing the knee have a broader range of stabilization they need to do, and of course it's also very good self defense training. Low side kicks, as to the foot, shin, knee, or thigh are infinitely better for the purpose of self defense than higher kicks, and they're easier. Putting a hand on a table or wall will make this easier until you do it enough that your knee is very stable and you have developed good balance. Report
At the end of the article there is a link to the exercise demonstration page, for all those asking for pix or videos. Report
Pics and/or videos PLEASE! Report
Please add pictures or demo's. Need to see how to do them. I would like to try this but not sure how. Report
Please revise the article and add pictures! Also, the two-foot support DOES seem way too high. If it's correct, illustrate or explain. If it's incorrect, as so many of us seem to think, it throws into doubt everything else that is written on Spark. Your credibility is at stake! We trust you to give us correct information. Report
Thankyou sovery much for this article. I do have very bad knees. Bone on bone. Report
I agree with the picture people. I also think that a 2 foot step up is quite high. Report
Had knee surgery for a torn meniscus and was told that I had arthritis in my knees. In just the past week my knees have started to ache after walking :(
After both knees replacement these are the exercises done with a pt. 4 years later I still do them 3 times a week! Report

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