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4 Knee Stretches and 7 Strengthening Exercises to Decrease Pain

Need Pain-Free Knees? Start Here!


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    I'm sure these are great exercises, but how is it a personal trainer doesn't realize that we n need a video (or at least photos)? I couldnt figure out a couple of the exercises from the description. As a personal trainer, you wouldn't phone in your instructions, would you? Or send written instructions on how to use certain equipment or do certain exercises? You should know better!
  • My husband had double knee replacement in the spring of 1996, he was back to work in nine weeks, a truck driver so he was up and down out of the truck serval times a day. He was a poster child for double knee replacements, never had any trouble with his knees once he was healed from surgery. He past away in 2011 from other health problems but he went out with good knees even after 14 years of hard work.
  • Pictures would indeed help and be greatly appreciated. I have done many of these exercises before and after my knee replacements...I want my new ones to work effectively for as long as they possibly can. My long term goal is to replace them only twice in my lifetime. Glad I have my new ones, but that was a year I would love to forget! For me, knee health/performance are key, and exercising keeps them tracking correctly and performing as they should!
  • I tried all the exercises before I read the entire article. Oops! Drawings or a video would be helpful; I agree. I wasn't sure I was doing a couple of them correctly.
  • I agree, photos or a video please. That way we know we are doing them correctly.
  • I need exercises that will help my hurting painful knees. I have wonderful knee joints but the cartilage behind my knee cap is gone. Yesterday I was injected with gel to hopefully help with the pain. I was told to always wear my knee brace and always use a cane to help lesson the weight load on knee. With that information what exercises can I do to help my knee pain while trying to get the extra weight off?
  • I agree with previous comment - I'm not sure exactly what I should be doing from these descriptions - 'bending the knee' 'pushing knee down' etc photos, diagrams or video would help a lot. Or links to existing visuals perhaps.
    I need this!
  • Thanks so much Jen!! I will try these right away. This information is what I really needed today with my left knee bothering me so much since I got up!
    Would appreciate a video or pictures to be sure I am doing it right.
  • I am hoping for a link to a video on these. My knees are not recovering from being aggravated lugging carry-ons and taking the Christmas boxes to the basement. I am having trouble walking and am about to give up my job. I saw that another person asked for pictures. I can't figure out the first one.

    These are fantastic methods! After my surgery at Banner Core which went great these helped me get back to running! If you guys are having any pain Banner Core gives great evaluations!
  • PT's commonly recommend that if you feel any pain, you either 1. stop immediately, or 2. you modify your movement so it's a smaller range of motion. For example, if you are trying to do leg lifts, but feel pain, try to shorten the range of motion. You'll still benefit, and will work towards more range later!
  • I find the wall sliding one hurts my knees a lot! It's that kind of pushing that sends a stabbing pain into the front of my kneecap.

    I went to my doctor about my crunchy knees and she just said, oh, that's grains of cartilage coming loose, it's an age thing, (i.e. bugger all you can do about it, or at least that she was going to do about it). And another Dr said that the pain in my bum/sit bones was sciatica, even though it doesn't go down my leg, and isn't affected by walking 7 miles a day. So I don't really have a lot of faith in Drs
  • Can we see pictures of these please?
  • A lot of my knee issue seem have come from 60+ years of being flatfooted! One thing that helps is to make myself wear tie shoes a lot more and a lot of problems get better.
    I "kneed" all the good suggestions I can get. Use a lot of the recommended exercises already.

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