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4 Knee Stretches and 7 Strengthening Exercises to Decrease Pain

Need Pain-Free Knees? Start Here!


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  • I have had surgery on both of my knees and the left one twice. I have no cartilage in either knee. These exercises will help me regain strength in the left one.
  • I'm really glad to see that biking is a good exercise -- it's one of my preferred forms of cardio! I fell down the stairs of a double-decker bus when I was in high school and really bashed up the soft tissue in my left knee. I didn't break the joint or anything, but I experienced pain and stiffness for a long time afterward, enough so that I've always been wary of what's going to happen with that knee as I get older. Good to know that my favorite cardio is helping prevent knee surgery!
  • actually Im home right now, after surgery to repair ACL, PCL, torn menenisscus. During surgery they realized my kneecap had been pulled away and Im immobilized for 3 weeks. This article is perfect timing - but would appreciate some pics to go with the descriptions. I get to start PT in two more weeks.. but its a loong time to wait. Any more articles are appreciated. Once more, my SP shines!
  • Thank you so much! I also am having some problems with my knees. I'm going to start doing these exercises today.
  • Just had knee surgery. I know I can accomplish these exercises for continued knee recovery.
  • yes pleas we need a demo video for these
    I have been looking for exercises to help my knees that have started aching .

    Thank you
    I have been looking for exercises to help my knees that have started aching .

    Thank you
  • Are there any demos for these stretching exercises? My mom wants to try these, but she doesn't understand them, so if there's any demos that would be helpful. She was going to do the first stretch... "Chair knee extension: Sitting in a chair, rest your foot on another chair so the knee is slightly raised. Gently push the raised knee toward the floor using only leg muscles. Hold for 5 - 10 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times on each leg." But we were both sitting in our desk chairs and had our legs on the desk raised up like it says... on the part where it says "Gently push the raised knee toward the floor using only leg muscles" we tried to do it, but of course our chairs roll backwards, is that ok or do they need to be sturdy chairs and if so, isn't there supposed to be a little bit of give?
  • I'm 58, and have in the past had 'problem knees', coupled with a lot of *paranoia* about knees, as my mom had both knees replaced due to severe arthritis. I've torn the meniscus in each knee (with several years inbetween :-) ). Both times I feared I would NEVER walk comfortably again, let alone dance or *enjoy* movement. One amazing way to help troubled knees is to lightly TAP on your knee-- there are many accupuncture 'meridian' points running through the knee area, especially on the inner side of the knee. It is just somehow 'easy' to find just WHERE to tap, and how firmly-- it feels VERY good. This *completely* healed up my last torn meniscus-- and I've since then walked 2 half-marathons with NO knee twinges *at all* :-). If I ever get a 'twinge', I tap and it's gone. I later found out about EFT (emotional freedom techniques-- there's an EFT team on SparkPeople) that involves light percussive 'tapping' on selected meridian points on the head and upper body-- and I think this is VERY related to why 'tapping' on knees helps. This doesn't cost a penny, is very easy to do all throughout the day, and in addition to all the good exercises shared in the article, could really be a help to your body in healing up. I think a lot of *emotional* baggage can get blocked in knees-- and our worries can stop us from moving in helpful ways, too.

    Thanks for this article!
    I was pleased to see how many of these movements are part of a water aerobics workout. Working in the water allows the strengthening and stretching benefits with little of the joint strain from weightbearing. We are seeing many people in class nowdays doing prehab--strengthening muscles to support the joint before replacement--as well as rehab afterwards. Everybody from elite athletes on down can benefit from balanced strength and flexibility around the knees.
    Unfortunately arthritis and aches and pains arent relieved with simple stretches and excersizes. many people resort to prescription medications or OTC medicines. for me, i ALWAYS stay natural. excersizes but NOT synthetic medications. if you or a loved one has these problems, the best thing you can do for them and yourself is get on OPC-3. It is a super powered antioxident that has a reputation for relieving these symptoms and also is known to prevent over 60 degenerative diseases. its 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 30 times more powerful than VItamin C. so it successfully does MANY jobs. IF this is something you want to try let me know. i know how to access it. i take it every day and wont live without it. my mom has suffered from restless leg syndrom for many years taking 4-5 large doses of IBprofen daily - not good for the body in large quantities! she has been on OPC-3 for 2 years and has little to NO signs of RLS among other health issues she has had previously. its all natural. NO synthetic ingredients whatsoever.
  • TY for the reminder. Many of these are the same exercises i was given after hurting my knees in a car accident, and again after a tumble down the stairs at work. Unfortunately Knees are one of those joints that grow stiff if not used much especially after you gain arthritis. I needed to be reminded of the simple things i can do to maintain my flexibility.
  • This grossly oversimplistic article can only have been written by someone who is too young and inexperienced to know what arthritis and 60 years of hard work do to your knees. There is a lot involved in keeping your knees going and these few exercises aren't going to cut it; not by a long shot The writer didn't even mention the most important thing you need to know about knee care--Sam-e. By time Ms. Mueller is 65 and actually knows what real knee pain is, we'll see if she's still whistling the same tune.
  • These excercises all sound good. I have had two herniated disks for years, along with the shot of cortisone to numb the sciatic nerve, but when I try to do the least little stretch excercise, my leg goes numb and I experience pain in the back and the nerve gets touchy also. So what is a person to do about excercising? I try to work through the pain, but I'm not much good at it since the pain doesn't really go away until I stop the excercise.

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