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11 Exercises That Help Decrease Knee Pain

Need Pain-Free Knees? Start Here!



9/25/2008 6:32:56 PM

CSANSUN's SparkPage
I have arthritis in one of my knees...It was because I did exercise why it started to really hurt me again.!! I don't believe one should aggravate a bad knee with more exercise


8/22/2008 8:02:21 AM

I stand by my original confusion about the quadriceps "stretch". What it describes is a quad SET, not a stretch. It instructs to straighten leg and hold. This is an isometric contraction. When your muscle contracts/shortens, it does not stretch/lengthen.


8/17/2008 7:37:47 PM

RAINDROPS8's SparkPage
Love the web site Thanks for sharing with us...i have such bad knee. I need to do this exercises.


8/17/2008 3:56:50 PM

I've listed some great exercises below, with pictures. Also, make sure to check the Web site for some great lower-body stretches that you should ALWAYS do after you exercise your lower body:


8/17/2008 6:28:59 AM

I have an old knee injury that bothers me. I think this is something I need.


8/12/2008 11:07:11 AM

KITTYF54's SparkPage
This article reminded me of a few exercises my PT had given me that I had forgotten. I'll be saving this one for future reference. Thanks


8/3/2008 6:52:04 PM

BKLYN57's SparkPage
Sounds good going to start slow leave out floor exercises till I start to relieve stiffness in knees.Answered some were to start questions.


7/21/2008 7:12:22 AM

KOALA_BEAR's SparkPage
There are also special formulas with MSM, chondrotin, and hylauronic complex that your body may be lacking as we age. These keeps the joints lubricated so they glide smoothly and it may be lacking in your diet or you just can't get enough from all the processed food. Try it and see. I like the liquid ones better than the capsules and some have all three in it. You can order a bottle from Puritan's Pride website for less than ten bucks with shipping etc.


7/15/2008 9:33:33 PM

RLANDRY3's SparkPage
This was a good article, but I wish I could see a demo of the exercises.


7/6/2008 1:54:20 PM

ATHERIA's SparkPage
It didn't answer the question about the need to lose weight before doing some of these exerciess. It's not good to really twist the knees hard and a person who is overweight is putting much more stress on their knees than a person who is of "normal" weight.

I know.. I have had three surgeries all to remove cartilage in my knees... I now have none and must be more careful than ever not to injure my knees.


6/27/2008 9:13:01 AM

This is different from the quadriceps stretch you're thinking of. Jen's article aims to strengthen and stretch, so the text is correct. Coach Nicole has added stretching demos to the site. Check them out!


6/27/2008 8:07:50 AM

I'm sorry...not only would these exercises be easier to do with a visual, but the text instructions are far from clear. I'm especially confused with the quadriceps stretch. According to the description, you straighten your leg and hold. The quadricep is a knee extensor. To stretch it, you'd have to bend the knee, not straighten it. The hamstring stretch...I think I know the one they're trying to describe, but you'd never know it from their description!


6/17/2008 11:24:21 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.


5/2/2008 6:10:18 PM

LALITHA9's SparkPage
I am 6 months since bilateral knee surgery.Doing Ok,except for stiffnes walk slowly do water exercise 3 times a week and just started Pilates.Anybody in the same boat.


3/25/2008 2:26:03 PM

SUSHMI's SparkPage
I had knee arthroscopy 2 years back and it is the exercising that keeps me going. Nothing excessive but being regular is the key for me. Just trying it out while reading the article made me feel they will work for me. Thanks!

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