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The Keys to Conquering Cholesterol

Do's and Don'ts for a Healthy Heart


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  • so much bad information in this article.. the first two that I found were limiting cholesterol in your diet. All the studies say this is not true; if the body does not get enough cholesterol from diet it will make its own. Secondly why should one avoid fat in diet? Only certain fat needs to be avoided.. that is trans fat.
  • Please clarify since I am no medical expert what is CoQ10? Thanks
  • I recently had a visit with my PCP and was informed my levels were borderline. I have never had any health issues. This article is typical of what I have been seeing out there. Any suggestions?
  • Hi My name is Pamspurplebear and I have high cholesterol and everything I read on this article is true and I agree with what was said. Thank your for backing up what I had been told.
  • Subclinical low thyroid, where your blood tests come back from the lab saying you're perfectly fine, "your numbers are within normal", is a major cause of high cholesterol. Read Hypothyroidism Type 2, by Dr. Mark Starr, and get the facts.

    Statins should never be taken without CoQ10. It should be automatic medical malpractice for statins to be prescribed without CoQ10 also being prescribed at the same time. You'll be hearing about massive increases in death from congestive heart failure within 5-10 years; that's a direct cause from taking statins.
  • MAY475
    I disagree with Becky when she says to limit salt. We need the iodine that is found in iodized salt...especially if you live in a part of the country where the soil is iodine poor (like me). I tell people it is ok to use salt, but to limit processed foods. Unfortunately the sodium that is added to many processed foods does not contain iodine. Besides the majority of sodium in the typical American diet comes from packaged and processed foods--not the salt you add to your food at home. Also, be careful of "sea salt", which seems to be becoming more and more popular. Not all of these are iodized. Humans need iodine and if we tell people to quit using salt, we may not get the amounts we need to prevent a deficiency. JMM, MS, RD, LN
    There is much proof around now to dispel the myth that eating cholesterol raises the blood cholesterol levels, and also, the myth that cholesterol has anything at all to do with heart disease. I am appalled that you are still peddling this garbage. Please look at all the double blind clinical studies that are around - the evidence is clear. The indicator for heart disease is the ratio between good HDL and LDL, not the levels in any way.
    Far more dangerous are low cholesterol levels which are an indicator for cancers of various types. Sheesh..., this is the last straw. I am now unsubscribing
  • Another cause of high cholesterol not mentioned in the article is hypothyroidism. It is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions and yet can cause so much mischief in the body if left untreated. My bloodwork came back last year with slightly elevated cholesterol. I pointed out to my GP that my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) had gotten higher and maybe this was the reason. Sure enough, after adjusting my thyroid medication, my cholesterol returned to normal.
    Animal protein is (can be) very high quality, and to totally shun it is to ignore good food. Give me a good steak now and then (3-4 times a year) and I'm happy. Despite the preachiness of this and most other articles on cholesterol, one can incoporate red meat into the diet and still be healthy. I get to resenting all the "do this" and "do thats" found in articles like this. If I want a sermon I'll go to church.
    To have a better diet (health, low cholesterol levels, ect) try not to eat any animal products. Good for the environment, great for the animals (especially for animal lovers, how can you say you love animals if you contribute to their slaughter in horribly inhumane conditions? You love your dog and cat, but not other animals??) You will be amazed at how your life changes. The PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) is having another 21 day Vegan challenge coming up in a couple of months but you can get lots of good info there if you want to finally make a change.
    Triglycerides, too, have come under closer scrutiny as a contributor to plaque development with a possible correlation to diabetes.
  • It is easy to lower cholesterol. Don't eat any! Your body makes all the cholesterol you need. I stopped eating cholesterol and now my level is 107. Blood Pressure 100 over 68. I eat only complex carbohidrates like brown rice and whole wheat bread. I eat veggies, fruits and many kinds of beans. My milk is almond or soy milk. I eat what I want, when I am hungry and I reached my goal weight.

    Each year for over 15, my total cholesterol was high ranging from 225 to most recent 255.
    All the doc's I've seen have told me my LDL/HDL ratio was excellent and made no firm suggestions other than cut back on dairy and take off a few pounds(I am 10 lbs overweight).
    I've done treadmill and while not excellent, not bad enough to sound alarms.
    So I ate lots of cheese. That's it! No red meat, other dairy---until my latest check up with
    a woman cardiologist who said she doesn't believe in ratios. Good thing! As of last week, I now have a stent implanted after an angioplasty showed a 90% blockage.
    It took all these years, all the male cardiologists to finally find a woman who specializes in women's heart disease to finally save me from a far scarier fate.
    my doctor wanted to put me on a cholestorol med. and I said no, my level is 5.7 and said I will lower mine with diet and that's what I'm doing. tracking my fats, sugar's and losing weight. It's not easy but I have enough medications and refuse to take another one. Will see what my level is in 6 mths then reassess the med question is not coming down.

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