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Is Your Kitchen Due for a Makeover?

Clean up your Kitchen to Straighten Your Diet


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Thanks. Report
I bought a container of sugarless ketchup,1/2 the calories & a large bottle of salsa with beans & corn in it. 2 weeks a go I also bought 2 bottles of salad dressing, each 1 cup each for $1.49 each made with soybean oil & 20 calories per. tablespoon, it is not light dressing and one has mustard in it & that one I also use as a sauce. I bought the dressing at a department store that also sells food. I will not label shelves because I move items around. I have put a list on the front of my my fridge of items in my fridge that can go bad, meats,cheese,fruits,vegetables,yogurt etc. & cross off what I use up. I try to look at it in the evening to see if their are items I need to use the next day that I forgot about. I live alone & always eat in front of the T.V. & snack in front of the T.V. but it is not extra calories, the same total calories daily. I measure food before cooking. I reorganized my fridge today. Report
With the new year already in swing...Good question! Report
You have made some good recommendations which I will be putting to use as we move into a new house this spring. This will be a great opportunity to have a reset/restart in the kitchen! Report
Good article. Report
It's time again to reorganize the pantry and the utensil drawer Report
It is good to do a makeover of your kitchen every once in a while..... Report
I clean and sort my kitchen periodically and already do as suggested, with the exception of putting my cookbooks on display. They're on their own shelf over the oven - no room on the counter. I have a small kitchen. The one change I'd make is that when we get a new fridge, I'll get one with see-through crisper drawers. Report
A good article with some ideas I must work on. Report
Good article! Report
My fridge and freezer *definitely* need to be cleaned and organized! Huge task, though. Report
Helpful article. I just need to label items in my kitchen. Report
Awesome tips! Report
I keep a "clean" kitchen by nature; however, I will not label my shelves, nor will I clutter my kitchen with cookbooks or recipe boxes...I've no problem pulling them out and putting them away. Otherwise, these are great suggestions. Report

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