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Manage Yourself in No Time

Tips to Fit More Into Your Day


  • i like this article. Especially the inclusion of "Just say no." Sometimes the reason we even need to pack more into the day is because we are doing too much! - 6/26/2009 1:26:59 PM
  • I have READ MANY good books on time management. But for me, I like a little
    hectic in my life. The busier I am, the more I get done. By the time you get to be my age,
    ultimately, you are THE ONLY ONE that knows what works for you. - 4/27/2009 4:00:47 PM
    I have a rolling monthly menu plan with shopping lists for each week, week one contains all the meat, fish and other items I can freeze aswell as all the tinned goods which means I buy them online, leaving me free to do my accounts whilst waiting for the delivery man to come.
    It also means that we can look at the meal plan and know what we are eating rather than trying to decide.
    I have a shopping list pad on the wall in the kitchen and next to the calendar to jot down shopping needs when we run out of something. - 4/12/2009 4:26:39 PM
  • For those who use Microsoft Outlook email, take a took at the book entitled 'Take Back Your Life' by Sally McGhee. She's a productivity expert and her methods definitely allow you to decide how to control your time. - 4/7/2009 12:49:14 PM
  • I keep dry erase markers in my bathroom. It lets me jot down things on the mirror to add to a running shopping list or to-do list, and it's a daily reminder first thing when I wake up! It comes right off with a little window cleaner. - 3/30/2009 2:17:39 PM
  • In today's society multitasking is a must! Great article. - 3/30/2009 7:36:22 AM
  • One of my biggest time savers is using a typed grocery list(I emailed it to myself and print it out once a week or whenever I'm getting ready to shop). I cross off the items we don't need, jot down new items that are needed, and paper clip my coupons to it. - 3/30/2009 12:12:14 AM
  • Great advise and we all should plan ahead each day before the next leaving time for ourselves. To make sure we do have time to do our workout, eat right, and even pamper ourselves for even 10 min. if that is all the time is left. But we must take time to plan in the day for everything or we will be rushed and then it puts on stress. I know I have learned from this. Actually I am still learning from it... LOL - 3/28/2009 1:24:05 PM
    While some of the suggestions are very helpful, others like constantly multitasking would lead me not to enjoy the smaller things in life. There's no reason not to concentrate one what you are doing in order to fully enjoy it. For example, there's not reason not to walk through a park and enjoy the grass, flowers, and smell without planning dinner or who you need to call. - 3/28/2009 12:01:03 PM
  • Great article; I'll try it! Thanks Sparkpeep!! - 3/28/2009 11:44:04 AM
  • I'm already using some of these ideas such as stocking up on grocery staples so I don't have to make numerous lengthy trips to the grocery store. I am one of the people who must manage my use of time in order to get what I need to do done and have any free time at all. I'm finding setting aside time for myself to relax is even more important than all the lists and organizing. - 3/28/2009 11:41:03 AM
  • I too felt stressed out just reading this article. I am working hard at NOT multi-tasking all the time. I miss out on precious time with my kids and husband when I am trying to get too much done. As much as I would like to catch up on everything and feel like I am getting my to-do list done everyday, I am learning to let a lot of it go and just enjoy the moment. - 3/28/2009 11:16:52 AM
    This was me in my twenties and thirdies trying to do to many things at once.I really am glad I surrvived that phase and am able to slow down now my children are grown. But I think I'll print it and pass it to my daughter--this is the phase she's in now--some times I have to remind her to slow down and breathe. I keep her four year old some to give her a break. She's a nurse, wife and mother; makes me tired just thinking about all she has going on--yes she can use this article. - 3/28/2009 9:40:14 AM
  • This article makes life seem like one big stressful nightmare. Just watch less TV and do something physical instead. I agree that planning can cut down on trips to the store, but aren't we all already emptying the dryer while doing something else?
    - 3/28/2009 8:49:34 AM
  • I loved this article! It is a good reminder that sometimes 'good' is good enough...hard to rememer sometimes though. I am a multi-tasker too and it makes things so much easier as does keeping to do list. It also makes it hard to say no. I'm always ahead of the game and hate to see others behind and think by helping them and showing them how much easier it can be done (doing it my that it will help them later! ummm.....Somehow it never works that way?!?!?! I just end up with extra work? rofl And they never change their ways... *sighs* Do we ever learn? - 3/28/2009 8:38:55 AM

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