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Manage Yourself in No Time

Tips to Fit More Into Your Day


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    I like most of sparpeople's article. This one I didn't like. It basically tells me to multitask whenever possible. I really do not believe this is helping with anything. I actually believe it makes things worse. I'm talking on the phone to my friends or family and writing lists at the same time? Shame on me! Obviously they're not important enough for me to give them exclusive 10 minutes of my time. I'm doing laundry while catching up the news, or: I'm catching up on the news while I'm exercise, I'm cooking while I'm getting other things done, etc.... This is just plain awful! I might t getting more done, but I'm getting it done with less quality AND it's going to stress me out because there's no time to relax anymore! If I'm preparing dinner, I'm preparing dinner. Fullstop. I want to focus on this, I don't want to jiggle lists and phones while I'm cutting my vegetables and think about the best way to prepare them.

    More and more people find out for themselves that they're too busy, coaches have found a new field of work with all that "do less, get more done; simplify"-strategies. I know I would get crazy if I tried to do it that way.

    Sorry, but for me this advice is just horrible in so many aspects.
  • I liked the article. I need to be reminded to prioritize my time.
    What happened to "stop and smell the roses" - I got tired just reading this article! I don't want to multi-task with my school age kids if I can help it - we really only see each other for 3-4 hours a day (morning = getting ready for school, afternoon/evening = homework, dinner, playtime). I multi-task outside of those times... our kids need our attention when they are with us - what are they learning from us while we are so busy with "details" instead of people?
  • No time to stand and stare? Much good advice here, but I am not a machine, from which as much work as possible must be extracted before it wears out. I am a Poet, a Mother, a wife and a friend, I like having time for others. I like those little moment to drift of and daydream - that's where my poetry comes from.

    What is this life, if - full of care
    We have no time to stand and stare.
  • Additionally, I wish that when I was raising my children, I DID NOT MULTI-TASK! Sorry, but multitasking when interacting with others diminishes relationships. Oh why didn't I know this earlier? So this is one flaw in the article I don't find helpful.
  • Time is something we can't make more of or save as put it into the the article says, we can only manage it, otherwise, it manages us.

    The quote I like best about time is that "time management is really about attitude management."
  • I lean toward the idea that multi-tasking is a myth.. there has been alot written about the fallacy of multi tasking.
    I think we've just made modern life into a rat race where we all have to keep up with some ideal.... I am learning to just say no to many things & I now enjoy my family so much more, We;re not running at breakneck speed all week... it's great.
  • Great article - this was the eye-opening sentence for - 'time really can't be managed. You can't slow it down, speed it up, or manufacture it. It just is. Time management is about managing yourself.'
  • i like this article. Especially the inclusion of "Just say no." Sometimes the reason we even need to pack more into the day is because we are doing too much!
  • I have READ MANY good books on time management. But for me, I like a little
    hectic in my life. The busier I am, the more I get done. By the time you get to be my age,
    ultimately, you are THE ONLY ONE that knows what works for you.
    I have a rolling monthly menu plan with shopping lists for each week, week one contains all the meat, fish and other items I can freeze aswell as all the tinned goods which means I buy them online, leaving me free to do my accounts whilst waiting for the delivery man to come.
    It also means that we can look at the meal plan and know what we are eating rather than trying to decide.
    I have a shopping list pad on the wall in the kitchen and next to the calendar to jot down shopping needs when we run out of something.
  • For those who use Microsoft Outlook email, take a took at the book entitled 'Take Back Your Life' by Sally McGhee. She's a productivity expert and her methods definitely allow you to decide how to control your time.
  • I keep dry erase markers in my bathroom. It lets me jot down things on the mirror to add to a running shopping list or to-do list, and it's a daily reminder first thing when I wake up! It comes right off with a little window cleaner.
  • In today's society multitasking is a must! Great article.

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