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Manage Yourself in No Time

Tips to Fit More Into Your Day


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  • What I do to manage my time a little bit better is I downloaded a free timer program to my computer and when I'm online I place it as like 1 hour and than it goes off.It sounds like a cuckoo clock and it dose not stop till I shut it off and when I do I reset it for 10 minutes and do a ten minute walk on my gazelle but I only set the 1 hour timer like 2 times a day so I don't get side tracked.I helps a quite a bit that way I know I'm getting in 20 minutes of walking.
  • I really learned from this I am horrible at managing my time and getting task done. I am at the last second trying to get things complete. This made a lot of sense!!
  • My favorite line from this article? "Perfectionism can be a form of procrastination". How true! I have to remind myself that sometimes "good enough" really is "good enough"! :-)
  • Time management...hummm. I just remember this: "I have all the time there is, there is no more, we all have the same amount of time...24 hours/day." My focus determines how I use the gift of time.
  • Some great advice.... thank you!
  • Thank you for the article - it puts things into perspective; especially the observation that we don't need to be perfect. And that a little planning goes a long way - I always get slogged down in the morning because I didn't take the time the night before to pack my lunch and other preparations for the day.
  • Agree about the part being perfectionist. Feel like a never-ending story fixing one tiny flaw after another. In the end, I try to be in between - check everything is fine and keeping things at the basic level.

    (I'm not aware of that Malaysian culture, haha)
  • some great thoughts and suggestions ... thanks ... love the observation that we can't manage time --- "self management" what a concept!
  • this article was great...also try this website for great tips....
  • oops I meant to say Time Saving Gadgets...
  • Personally I believe that all those "Time consuming gadgets" have made us fat and lazy!!
  • I really enjoyed this article and agree with most of the suggestions, except for buying online. While I still do on occasion, I believe that it is better to buy from local stores, even if it's a chain whenever possible, as it helps grow your local economy.
  • Excellent article. Liked the idea of stocking up on items so we don't need the emergency trip to the store. New idea here.
  • It is a great article. Very helpful....I think some people read too much into it. Obviously there are many things that you can multi-task to and some you can't. You can decide. I do it all the time.
  • I thought this was a great article! I think some of the other people may be confused as to what the article is trying to say. I've found that I can more than manage a phone conversation while emptying my dishwasher - something I absolutely hate. It's really not all that difficult to do something involuntary (come on, how much do you have to think about while sorting laundry?!) while talking on the phone with my friends or mom. Honestly, the headset I've got for my phone is a god send because it allows me to have two hands free! The independence!

    I don't think the author is suggesting that you neglect your kids. All you ever hear people say these days is "I don't have enough time for that". I think a lot of the suggestions were very reasonable and in the least, good for some ideas for applying the same principles to your life, even if maybe not quite the same.

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