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Manage Yourself in No Time

Tips to Fit More Into Your Day


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  • After having several surgeries, where others had to shop for me, I found that I would really try to map out the route so there would not be any back tracking to find what I needed. I find that I continue to do this when running errands myself. Being retired and having far more time than money, time management really does not seem to be a problem.
  • What I do to manage my time a little bit better is I downloaded a free timer program to my computer and when I'm online I place it as like 1 hour and than it goes off.It sounds like a cuckoo clock and it dose not stop till I shut it off and when I do I reset it for 10 minutes and do a ten minute walk on my gazelle but I only set the 1 hour timer like 2 times a day so I don't get side tracked.I helps a quite a bit that way I know I'm getting in 20 minutes of walking.
  • I really learned from this I am horrible at managing my time and getting task done. I am at the last second trying to get things complete. This made a lot of sense!!
  • My favorite line from this article? "Perfectionism can be a form of procrastination". How true! I have to remind myself that sometimes "good enough" really is "good enough"! :-)
  • Time management...hummm. I just remember this: "I have all the time there is, there is no more, we all have the same amount of time...24 hours/day." My focus determines how I use the gift of time.
  • Some great advice.... thank you!
  • Thank you for the article - it puts things into perspective; especially the observation that we don't need to be perfect. And that a little planning goes a long way - I always get slogged down in the morning because I didn't take the time the night before to pack my lunch and other preparations for the day.
  • Agree about the part being perfectionist. Feel like a never-ending story fixing one tiny flaw after another. In the end, I try to be in between - check everything is fine and keeping things at the basic level.

    (I'm not aware of that Malaysian culture, haha)
  • some great thoughts and suggestions ... thanks ... love the observation that we can't manage time --- "self management" what a concept!
  • this article was great...also try this website for great tips....
  • oops I meant to say Time Saving Gadgets...
  • Personally I believe that all those "Time consuming gadgets" have made us fat and lazy!!
  • I really enjoyed this article and agree with most of the suggestions, except for buying online. While I still do on occasion, I believe that it is better to buy from local stores, even if it's a chain whenever possible, as it helps grow your local economy.
  • Excellent article. Liked the idea of stocking up on items so we don't need the emergency trip to the store. New idea here.
  • It is a great article. Very helpful....I think some people read too much into it. Obviously there are many things that you can multi-task to and some you can't. You can decide. I do it all the time.

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