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Hello, I am glad to be back on Sparkpeople. I've strayed away many times, not due to any problem with the site, but due to my own lack of readiness. I've stopped by to learn about the message boards, because I hope that my increasing my involvement I'll be more successful in staying on track. For now, I am wondering how people get those tickers with their names and will try to figure that out. I wish us all health and success. Report
helpful Report
thanks Report
thanks. Report
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I too suffer from several health issues but I feel so much better when I walk and eat clean! I need to get back to that! Articles like this help me to feel encouragement! Join me Saturday, May 20th at the Mito 5K! It's always a beautful day at Liberty Station, Point Loma, San Diego! Or join virtually today!! We need your help! Please... Report
Mainecchance I know how you feel I to and short and very overweight for me it's depression that I believe has got me here I'm 62 with several health issues so I have started to walk on a treadmill for the last week but find myself making me get up to do it. I look at myself in the mirror and just say man you are so FAT and it brings me down cause I know I'm just getting bigger and bigger my heart doctor says I new to have gastric bypass, but my MD wants me to try diets and walking and suggested a treadmill so I'm trying hope to be able to see success. I have lost 5 lbs this last week but this is my first day with Spark.Everyone seems so helpful good lluck to all and God Bless Report
Ticker wrong really wrong how do I changr it. ty Report
wow this so amazing i love it . Report
HELLO...I am Rachel...I've just RESTARTED AND REJOINED spark people, I was BEANIE08241until I recently lost my cell and was unable to track it...and had to get a new email and everything!!!! It has been TERRIBLY CHAIOTIC & This is day 6 since all that, and I'm just so HAPPY to finally be getting back on track, I had not realized how lost I am without my spark people!!!!! Getting a new phone asap I'm lost without that as well, but I'm OK...I just wanted to re-introduce myself to the community and hopefully connect with & get to know some of you. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL...GOD BLESS Report
Spark people has helped me go from 200 pounds to 158 thanks Report
Spark people is great and has helped me get rid of almost 40 pounds several years ago. The weight has crept back on, so once again am returning to get back on track. The resources for tracking food, exercise, and especially motivation are just what it takes for me to continue on my journey back to getting healthier. Report
Hi, this is LadyLimes I am retired and joined this group because I need help reaching my goals of loosing 20lbs, need to track my calories and have been living a sedatary life since retirement five years ago. I have back, neck pains and suffer from fribomyalgia. I also have notice some weight gain and not as flexible as I use to be. So I got a stationary bike and have started to excersice 30 minutes a day and notice that I am more mobile now. So happy my niece told me about this group and decided to join it. Now I am able to count my calories as that was one of my problems. Ttyl Report
Hello everyone: I am looking forward to having more energy and endurance to live a wholesome lifestyle from now on. Thank you for your encouragement. Report
SparkPeople help me get back on track. Seeing the breakdown of what I consume at each meal and how it shapes my day, helps me stay honest and real with myself. After about one week I feel lighter, I have more energy, and my aches and pains have subsided. My body is changing. Even with a five pound weight loss, calculated today, I feel smaller and lighter, as if my body has changed dramatically, which it hasn't! It reminds me of how attached I've grown to my obese body. My padding has been a buffer. I have felt formidable and large, when in fact I am short and small boned, under my padding. Losing weight frees me, the me I feel is inside the obese me, but the small person me feels very vulnerable and scared sometimes. My obesity has been the portable, personal hiding place. It feels like a great accomplishment, when it doesn't feel like an obstacle. Maybe others have felt this way too. So, I'm just trying to be gentle and kind to myself so I can stay on track, because the bottom line is I feel great! Report

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