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  • FELICITY8296
    I have just joined sparkpeople and I am feeling nervous. I am still trying to get around it since I am not that familiar with the internet. I am very happy becaues I know this is the beginning of a new body for me. I have wished myself goodluck.

    UK - 5/31/2009 4:55:12 PM
    Im glad i found sparkspeople on the internet.I cant wait to start. - 5/27/2009 5:35:28 PM
  • i cant understand how to use the site!!! i feel so close yet so far away! so many color schemes lol my eyes hurt...

    mayeb its right infront of me... - 5/21/2009 5:11:14 PM
  • I am new here and I don't know much about computers so I am having trouble. I am spending a lot of time browsing so I will be back when I find out how!!! - 5/19/2009 10:15:11 AM
  • I am so excited about this web site. I found it by accident (at work) so can not spend a lot to time right now but can't wait to get home and explore and read comments. I will certainly share the site with friends. It will be a long day before I can log on at home. - 4/16/2009 4:08:21 PM
    this bigrosie2 i am so happy that my Dr gave me this site - 4/15/2009 12:14:23 AM
  • Just wanted to say I was surprised at the amount of messages I recieved in the first 24 hours. I can see this site will offer me the support I need. I almost joined weight watchers on line and saw the sparkle site first. God always knows what is best for us. Thanks for the big welcome. lndhnt53 - 4/10/2009 9:25:03 PM
    Hi everyone my name is Angeltrude and I have just signed up. I will need all the help and support I can get. I am sure I have finally hit the right spot. - 3/28/2009 10:40:14 AM
    i work 12 hour shifts at this hospitol,so when i have a day off i just cant get motivated. i also have heel spurs, and a bad weight is not helping any of this. i just feel blaaa - 3/26/2009 2:47:03 PM
  • Hi Everyone, I am new to Sparkpeople, and I am enjoying it very much. i am keeping up with what i eat in nutrition and logging my exercise each day. I have lost only a couple of pounds so far, and my Dr. says i need to lose at least 50.....I am encouraged, and my mind is like a sponge, learning so many new things here. Thanks SparkPeople - 3/20/2009 1:59:51 PM
  • hi my name is norma and i have been asparks person for a short time and i am please with what i have read so for and i will be trying to be a encouragement to whom ever i can. - 3/4/2009 1:59:50 PM
    I have been a spark member for just a short time. I am setting goals, but most of all
    I need the humor and I am also seeking a good fitness plan.Diabetes is in my life now
    but I still want to change my lifestyles and resume a fittness program. I am sure that the spark team will have some good advice for me.I am sure there are some team players out there that will share with me. Thank you. Respectfully, a shy spark member. - 3/1/2009 7:55:11 AM
  • Hi I am LindaJune19 I am also knew to this site found it by chance. Need help need toloose 20 lbs.This is the first day of my new life. - 2/25/2009 10:37:15 AM
    This is temptation3558 I need help on your site, I don't know how to play the workout video. I like to read it, but i would like to workout too. - 2/18/2009 1:09:36 PM
    Hi, I just found this program by chance. I really need to lose atleast 50 pounds. I have not been able to control my eating for a long time. I am so hoping this program will work for me. It is encouraging to see all the good comments. Sprigger17 - 2/12/2009 12:46:09 PM

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