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  • Hello everyone: I am looking forward to having more energy and endurance to live a wholesome lifestyle from now on. Thank you for your encouragement. - 1/17/2016 7:42:21 PM
    SparkPeople help me get back on track. Seeing the breakdown of what I consume at each meal and how it shapes my day, helps me stay honest and real with myself. After about one week I feel lighter, I have more energy, and my aches and pains have subsided. My body is changing. Even with a five pound weight loss, calculated today, I feel smaller and lighter, as if my body has changed dramatically, which it hasn't! It reminds me of how attached I've grown to my obese body. My padding has been a buffer. I have felt formidable and large, when in fact I am short and small boned, under my padding. Losing weight frees me, the me I feel is inside the obese me, but the small person me feels very vulnerable and scared sometimes. My obesity has been the portable, personal hiding place. It feels like a great accomplishment, when it doesn't feel like an obstacle. Maybe others have felt this way too. So, I'm just trying to be gentle and kind to myself so I can stay on track, because the bottom line is I feel great! - 1/2/2016 8:59:09 AM
  • Been in Spark 50's 60's & older since 2008 - Now going to try a new avenue to make the goals happen! Jojo - 12/29/2015 11:14:29 AM
  • thank - 12/26/2015 2:14:05 PM
  • thank - 12/26/2015 2:13:36 PM
    WONDERFUL! - 11/1/2015 9:08:29 PM
    Hi I'm Denise and I'm excited to begin this journey to better health with you all. - 9/19/2015 2:12:00 PM
    Good morning, My name is Nancy I am looking forward to this program I need help loosing weight.
    - 9/13/2015 10:38:17 AM
  • HI my name is Cindy I want to join the team from Madison Indiana since I only live one hour from there. How can I join the team???? Thank you - 8/13/2015 9:16:28 PM
  • I am new and am so looking forward to loosing this weight and meeting great people in this great community. TY Have A Blessed Day everyone... - 8/10/2015 7:58:16 PM
  • Great community. I will try to contribute and learn. Thanks - 7/29/2015 11:04:19 AM
  • Hi i am Patsy and joining sparkpeople to help me lose weight - 7/21/2015 11:42:19 AM
    thank you all.... - 6/17/2015 10:23:20 PM
    This is my beginning.......please come with me on this journey to be the person i was meant to be. - 4/28/2015 12:33:08 PM
  • I have been doing it for seven days, feel better and more energy. learning how to eat better, more water. Walking more, and really trying to do more about my weight. Looking forward to a better me!!!!!! - 3/29/2015 11:23:56 AM

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