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Do You Suffer from Diet Rage?

Rules of the Road to Help You Reach Your Destination


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  • Interesting comparison between road rage and diet rage and the similarity of the antidotes.
    There will always be periods of starting and stopping! No truer words were ever said! The diet plans lie when they insinuate a person will lose the weight easily just by doing this and that, life and our bodies don't work that way.
  • Yes but not alot.
  • If other people are losing more weight more quickly, I've found it helpful to remember the following:

    #1 Losing weight is not a competition. There is no contest prize for going faster.

    #2 The slower you lose weight, the more likely it is to stay off.

    #3 Eat right and exercise.... and the weight will come off eventually.

    #4 If my weight loss stops, then I might need to make adjustments. Does something have more calories than I realized? Do I need to increase the intensity of my exercise? Or... ??
    I really like this article. It made me think.
  • This is a great article. It's exactly like road rage. Very helpful! Thank you for sharing.
  • That is a great comparison. Thanks.
    I loved this! Honestly, I think I have scale rage. :)
    Woow this article is just awesome.. sooo true...
  • Great article I needed to hear that today. I want speed but I know I have to take it slow.
  • Great article. I don't like getting on the scale but once a month or every teo months because I feel when I get on there I get stress. I eilll look back on this article.
  • I needed this today.
  • Loved your article! My DH suffers from both Road and Diet Rage, but he honestly has a sense of humor, believe it or not. I read your article to him. His response? "Walk to work and to fix both issues!" Ha! LOL! The analogy to "Crash Diet" is one that will surely stick with me. I've never put it together is just that way, but it is so true! Thanks for a great article and plenty to think and act upon in my journey.
  • I think my frustration comes down to I am visually smaller, but toning has made my only goal impossible it seems...I wanted to fit clothes I have not been rid of. The scale goes down, things are visually tightening, but toning is discouraging.
    I do Tapout XT at least 5 of the 6 days, I set my meal plan at 5 days to make up for the Saturdays that usually fizzles. I even repeat a week on the chart if I feel I have not preformed at my expectations.
    So I do not put an exact date of destination arrival, I do my best, and execute things to make up for my short comings, and it isn't enough
  • HARLEY643
    Yes, I want to throw the scales into the next century. I feel I am eating well but if I don't exercise constantly, WHAM, I gain 5 lbs back. It's very frustrating.

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