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10 Cool Ways to Embrace Winter

Mood-Boosting Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues


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  • Not winter, yet, but the blues have hit. I like the idea of having something to look forward to -- that's what's missing! I am going to make a date, now!
  • I live near the equator and have never experienced winter. I would love to know how cold it can get.
  • Allow your weight-loss journey be a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Smile. It's contagious!
  • Ha ha ha! Living in Southern California winter is very different! Where I live summer temps get over 100 degrees on a daily basis, so working out outside is horrible. Winter is a great time to get outside for a change! Woo-hoo!
  • I detest winter. here in northern Indiana the winter can be 6 months long and we never see the sun. there is barely any light even sitting by the window and right now it is foggy and dreary. the sitting by the lights do not help. I need my sunshine out my window.
    It is way too cold to walk outside. 18 for a high tomorrow with snow and 40 mile an hour winds, I don't think so. would just like to hibernate until Spring. and just makes me want to sit and eat junk foods. probably why I have been on here for 6 years and not lost weight.
    I would so love to move to a warm, sunny climate but not a possibility at this time.
  • The last comment on this article was a year ago - would like to think that is by design but rather doubt it. This is my first winter on SP I hope my last except for an occasional check in but I would like to think that the program would be continuously updated. I love winter - summer not so much. Now I live in Southern CA and at least here I can tell you it is almost impossible to get good incandescent bulbs with the push for energy conservation and those are the only bulbs that work. This is also one of the first articles I've read where I haven't found anything for me. I am disappointed in that There should be something for everyone. While our cold isn't cold and snowy we do have much shorter days. People stay indoors more etc.
    Thanks for this article . iam very love winter

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  • I love winter, it is my favorite season. I can't wait for the snow to come, I enjoy the cooler temperatures to exercise outside. It is just my absolute favorite time of the year!
  • Thanks for this article. The photo inspired me too - I think a nice, warm, red shirt would be like wearing a hug and cheer me up - I'm going to see if I can find one.
  • I agree with KARINCLEAVES on this one. These things certainly help, as does my broad spectrum light, but chasing the sun (and warmer climes) seems like the preferable response / plan.
    Great ideas, but I still say moving south is the best way to deal with winter.
    Great reminders - thank you for posting
  • I wish I could walk normally again but because of spinal osteoarthritis I walk a little ways almost every day but not like I used to but then again I am 70yrs old now and my health is not as good as it was even a few years ago.I used to get excited about the coming day now everyday is just like the last,what saves me is my love of creation and I am a fairly good artist and do love making my jewelry and will probably buy another kiln so I can return to being a potter which I miss.Right now we are just renting but hope to buy another home next year.Depression is a problem for both DH and myself.I do exercise every day on my elliptical and may start working out with other exercise equiptment. Walking every eve.after I do my elliptical helps me even if it is only around my short block.

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