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Common Fitness Blunders - Part 1

Even Experienced Exercisers Can Be Guilty of These


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  • very old article but still relevant
  • good info to know
  • Managing expectations is very important.
  • It's worthwhile coming back to these articles every now and then to remind ourselves about the importance of stretching. I forget ever so often until I begin to feel a twitch of pain here and there...and after more than 36 years of exercising, I should know better, right??
  • I am trying to stretch more and many times during the day. My body has been aching and sore lately. Trying to get it to relax some.
  • I'm thankful I found this article because with all the pre-choreographed fitness classes I have been taking, as that is the large bulk of group fitness offering at my gym, and how some university athletes turned personal trainers turned fitness instructors design class, I thought I was simply getting old, soft, and prefer "the old school" way of a warm up, cool down, & stretching segment to my exercise. It makes more sense to me and works better for my body.
    Thank you!
  • Thank you for this article! I've saved it as a reminder to myself.

    This is good information for anyone with a fitness goal, whether it's to lose weight, or gain muscle.
    Seems most commented on the stretching section, which is great, but the instant gratification item is so important as well. So many (including myself) want to give up when the scale doesn't move as quick as we think it should.
    Thanks again!!
  • I've been exercising to Leslie Sansone DVDs for years and that is one thing she always stresses (warm-up, cool down and stretch) so I have carried those practices into the gym with me. I am amazed at how many people do not practice this. I usually get strange looks when I stretch at the end of my routine. Cudos to Leslie Sansone!
  • Great article. My hubby always tell me that I should stretch. But I don't listen. But I guess I need to read this. I am guilty. So I will do stretching after my exercise.
  • I have always been a committed stretcher but somehow lately it has been getting lost in the shuffle. This is a good reminder to me to get back to it so I don't lose my flexibility.
  • Good article. I used to use stretches in rapid repetition more as a warm up. But with what I've been reading recently, these are only to be used afterward. Guess I've been doing it all wrong for years. At 52, I only put on the weight in the last three years.
  • I am 62 and work out at least an hour and a half 90% of the month, with a warm up at the start and 10 minute total body stretch routine at the end. It helps with my balance, flexibility.
    Good info. I'm amazed at the number of exercise videos out there that seem to skip the stretching and warm-up at the beginning or the end. I've also run across a few strength training videos that have you racing through the moves in a way that I am sure is not healthy or safe for the joints. Buyer beware. As someone who has to do low impact and be careful with my joints, I have learned the hard way to trust my gut when trying new videos. There is a BIG difference between being challenged (in a healthy way) and being rushed. Trust your instincts about what feels right!
  • In my younger days, I was very stretched out and flexible, but many years and 75 pounds later, not so much. HOWEVER, I started a new exercise activity and began stretching again. I am very pleased to report that you can regain much of your original flexibility!

    I may not be at 100% but I am definitely seing major improvements and believe that if I could discipline myself to put in the time, I could recapture nearly 95% of my flexibility capacity. Even now, in my early 50's.

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