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Too Much Junk!

Does Junk Food Have A Place in a Healthy Diet??


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I have a sweet tooth, but I really try not to indulge too often. I had gotten really ill with a sinus infection recently and since I've been well, it seems like my sweet tooth has really diminished. I used to crave chocolate all the time, but now... not so much. Report
I love the point about how we can be in the right weight and still not be healthy. I am a health coach and people will go to extremes to lose weight. Sticking to the old fashioned food pyramid that we learned in elementary school is key. Focusing on the foods we should eat really satisfies our bodies and if we listen to our bodies we won't want the junk food as often. Report
I'm not into sweets much, but when the urge hits, I give in, but not excessively. Just a little chocolate goes a long way and I don't feel deprived. J Report
As Valentines Day approaches, this article serves as a great reminder that instead of giving chocolates we should give health for these special days. I am asking my husband for a food scale for Valentines Day -- it may seem silly, but in light of my goals to eat healthy, I think it will be a great and more memorable gift. Report
I, too, lost almost 200 lbs. a few years ago but put it all back on. How? By eating too much fast food and I'm sure I kept the potato chip industry in business. UGH!! I felt awful all of the time, sluggish and plain old yucky. However, since beginning my get healthy program and making healthier food choices, I'm getting my energy back and feel better over all, not to mention the side affect of weight loss. :) Cudos to healthy, nutritious foods! Report
Sadly, it took me decades to wake up to how I was hurting myself by what I was eating. I thought I was OK because I drank diet soda! Wow - what a wake up call! Report
Hear, hear!

We can make room for the occasional little treat, but the key is that it be a) little and b) a treat. A treat means something you don't normally or regularly eat. Since I gave up (again) heavy sweets and salty snacks, I've found my blood sugar more steady. I get hungry like normal people again, instead of just going hypoglycemic! I definitely feel better about myself, even when I go over my calorie budget - at least I'm getting some nutrition for my indulgence! Report
This article makes a really good point. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight (which I later gained back) eating almost nothing but junk food and just watching the amount of calories I consumed. It worked in terms of weight loss, but I felt like crap; I was so low energy. Nutrient rich choices are definitely more sustainable in the long term. Report

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