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Too Much Junk!

Does Junk Food Have A Place in a Healthy Diet??


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  • SHANDA12
    Hershey's has a dark chocolate stick with only 60 calories. Good for you and curbs the chocolate hunger for a few days.
    Other words for "junk" are garbage and trash. When you think of it that way, do you really want to eat garbage or trash??
  • This article really points out why I am frustrated at some of the fast food comparisons I see discussing which one is better! Pretty much NONE OF THEM!
    But, that said, I don't believe in completely eliminating every thing you've always enjoyed eating. Saying "I can never have...." is a sure way to get the brain to start thinking "Oh, if only I could have.....".
    I've found that having a fairly structured "treat schedule" works for me. I love chocolate, so perhaps a couple of times a week I have a one ounce portion of dark chocolate. I measure out my portion, put it on a pretty plate, put away the rest of the bar of chocolate, make a cup of tea, sit down and ENJOY the chocolate, instead of just mindlessly cramming it into my mouth!
    This seems to help, so that I don't feel guilt, because I have given myself permission.
    Hey, the brain is pretty complicated, but I want to be the one making the choices.
    Hope this little "mind game" I play helps someone else!

    Also, I sometimes watch "You are what you eat" on BBC and when they fill up the table with the junk that the people are eating, it is easy to see that there is NO nutrition in a carload! The "good stuff"--fruits and veggies are beautiful and full of what the body needs.
    I've heard people say that it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you watch the calorie count. This article reveals what a falacy that is. What we eat is important, no matter how slim we might be.
    I continue to thank God that I do not have a sweet tooth. I do not like soda, candy, cake, etc. I do struggle a bit with ice cream, cherry pie, and maybe the occasional piece of freshly baked bread, but the others I can leave alone.

    Seeing how my nutrients stack up has really motivated me to make sure that I squeeze every last drop of potential out of what I'm eating.

    Thank you Spark People!
  • It seemed like for years no matter how much I cut back on eating, and do more exercising, I was still hungry and ate foods but never really comprehending why the harder I tried the worse it got.

    Finally with the help of a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, she steered me to do South Beach diet. It was the best thing ever. I followed the plan with eating 3 meals a day plus snacks.

    But the first thing to go were all the "white" processed and highly refined foods & carbs.

    Then got rid of the good carbs for 2 weeks as a type of detox so that I could get the cravings out of my system. Then slowly add the good carbs back in.

    I worked with it for a while, then had a very bad reaction to something & was put on megadoses of pednisone until it cleared up, but with life hitting the fan so to speak, I didn't get back on the Beach until several months ago.

    My mom suffered with diabetes for 20 years and ended up passing away on Easter as a result of complications from the disease, including a great loss of vision and renal failure. (She was on dialysis the last 3/4 of the last year of her life.)

    I finally did much researching and came across Dr. Oz's, (of Oprah Winfrey Show), his book: YOU: On A Diet. It basically advocates the same thing as South Beach way of eating. However, he says that you need to work SMARTER & not harder at becoming healthy and losing weight.

    He says, just like a car, when it breaks down, you have to know how the parts under the hood work before trying to fix it.

    Likewise, you have to know how the body functions before you can take corrective measures to become healthy and lose weight. The biggest thing is knowing that the body was created to consume foods. When you don't eat, you won't lose weight so you are fighting a losing battle.

    Much of what you eat has a lot to do with your weight, (gain or loss), and your health.

    Many people do not make the connection between eating NUTRIENT DENSE calories as opposed to EMPTY CALORIES.

    A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. But where those calories come from play an important part in one's health.

    If you eat foods where calories have no known nutrients in them, but the body still recognizes them as calories you will doing two things: 1) taking in calories, 2) supplying your body with the poorest building materials for your cells and tissues, which generally happens when you sleep at night.

    Then people wonder why they are so tired, lethargic, overweight, and ill or sick with diseases.

    It's because they are filling their bodies with "dead" foods that have been pumped up with chemicals to prolong the shelf life of these dead foods, which in turned have been consumed by the buyers who are just doing an extreme early preparation for their own funeral years ahead of their time.

    If people would just stop to think that if they supply their bodies with "living" foods that have "living enzymes" in them, and quit eating all the processed foods, and most of the meats that are filled with chemicals as a preservative, they could lose weight and reduce the effects of diet induced illnesses and diseases.

    And on top of that they will feel 100% better.

    I tell you, YOU: On A Diet was $25.00 but it was worth every penny. And South Beach diet is a God send that will help with you numbers pertaining to blood work.

    If you have not been to your primary care physican for a recent blood work to know you numbers, do so as soon as possible. If you have pre-diabetic numbers it is not too late to turn those around.

    That's why I did the South Beach, I was pre-diabetic and I changed my numbers.

    Most people don't understand how diabetes can "happen overnight". It doesn't happen overnight. That is what Dr. Oz says. It is years in the making when people didn't ask about their numbers: cholesterol, trigs, and others. Or they didn't go to the doctor's when they should have or they were just being plain ignorant thinking that nothing will happen to them.

    So get yourselves to the doctor's and get your blood work done and find out what your numbers are; and if they are pre-diabetic, do something to change it! Don't wait until you are sick with diabetes. It is much easier to eat healthier and lose weight and prevent diabetes.

    After seeing my mom die the way she did and how she suffered, I really don't want anyone else to go this way. It is no way to live.

    Today, we have the information to prevent diabetes, which in my mom's generation didn't have all the facts.

    Diabetes is not genetically predisposed! If your parents are diabetic, yes you can become a diabetic too if you EAT and COOK FOODS THE SAME WAY THEY DID!

    But if you don't have the same eating habits that your parents did, you won't become a diabetic.

    So please, just don't sit there and let your health and then your life slip by!
    Do something about it and become informed.

    Now that is LEARNING & LIVING!

    I apologize for this being so long and maybe a rant but I do care about people.
  • This article is so true - and I wish there was a way to get this message across to kids in schools and ultimately to their parents. Smoking and alcohol commercials have been banned from television only to be replaced with junk food commercials and now ... prescription drug ads ... to counter the effects of a nation of mindless eaters. Our diets are now the number one health issue in this country and most people aren't listening.
  • Thanks for this great article. It is amazing to go into the grocery store and just look, simply being aware of the abundance of "food" that is over processed, has copious amounts of chemical additives and high additions of salt. I'm working on cutting out all junk food and am even baking my own bread now, using organinc ingredients including whole grain flours. It is amazing how much better we feel when we eat real food that is good for us. And don't forget that artificual sweeteners are chemicals and really bad for us. If you need a sweet, try a teaspoon of natural honey...I promise it will get you past that sweet craving.
  • With over-sized portions and all the convenient junk food, it is no wonder that so many Americans are overweight and unhealthy! Since I started SP I gave up all "junk" foods, and I feel great. I figure if I am going to "indulge" in a sweet snack, it might as well be freshly made with healthy ingredients, rather than prepackaged and full of chemicals that aren't good for me!
  • Once I started eating healthy foods and caring for my body I do not want to put junk food into my body...usually...sometimes I crave chocolate and will eat it. I try not to bring it into my house because once I eat one chocolate I want to finish all of it. DO NOT BRING IT HOME!!!
  • KBREED03
    I totally get this article. I've been reading so much lately about how bad Americans eat compared to other countries. Our portion sizes, the amount of junk food we have, etc. is astronomical. Since I've joined SP, I rarely have anything that is considered "junk food". Thank God for SP!
  • Great article. Since I joined Sparkpeople I have been concerned with making healthy food choices and getting off of SUGAR and WHITE FLOUR, which has cut my cravings down so much. So, I don't crave junk food like I did. Giving up COKE was my real upset since I loved drinking it.
  • This used to be me...potato chips, sodas, brownies, etc. Now I am much healthier even though I am still significantly overweight. However, as I live healthier, the weight is steadily decreasing.
  • I do have a problem with sweets. I have difficulty stopping once I start.
    I have a sweet tooth, but I really try not to indulge too often. I had gotten really ill with a sinus infection recently and since I've been well, it seems like my sweet tooth has really diminished. I used to crave chocolate all the time, but now... not so much.

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