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Too Much Junk!

Does Junk Food Have A Place in a Healthy Diet??


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  • Sadly, it took me 19 years before I realized the disservice I was doing to myself by drinking sodas and eating copious amounts of cookies, chips, etc. Finally, I decided enough was enough and completely cut out sodas and cookies and chips and junk like that from my diet. Along with exercise, I managed to lose some 40 odd pounds and feel better than ever. I still enjoy the occassional treat - chocolate, a delicious flavor of granola bar, etc. - but I try to do that in moderation. Once I cut out the soda from my life, I find that I no longer even want it, and if I do ever take a sip of a friend's drink for whatever reason, I cough and splutter because it's so awful-tasting!
  • I believe it really depends on what is meant by "junk". I'm having a healthy lunch now and enjoying a small bag of all-natural potato chips with it. I logged it into my nutrition tracker. I consider the impact of the salt and told myself to drink 2 glasses of water when I'm finished with them. For me, a vegan trying to avoid trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, even though they may be vegan, the occasional small order of fries, bag of chips or vegan dessert treat is fine, as long as I count in the day's nutrition.
  • while I commend this article as being absolutely true, I think we need to look at who allowed this to happen in the first place. Junk food is very cheap, in its manufacturing, ingredients, quality.For years and years it was available in our children's schools, and because we are second or third generation of both parents working and too busy to make a proper lunch, we and our children were given lunch money and told to spend it for food.
    Once tasted, junk food, becomes a preference over fresh fruits and vegetables. Soda pop over milk and just good old water, every thing has to be sweet or salty.
    Our brains become wired for any product that has these qualifications, and then we stand back in horror, when we look around ourselves as well as see our indulgences in a mirror.
    This is not an excuse, but rather acknowledgement why a site like spark people is one of the best answers, they know these facts and are more than willing to help us that indulged.
    They have the instructions and the ability to help any one REWIRE their brains, and that is why you see the wonderful success stories..
    I can relate to this article. Many times I have brought home 'healthy' snacks such as fibre bars or thinsations. I have recently learned that these kinds of snacks are LOADEd with sugar. If you just focus on the calories or fat or fibre you are being taken. If you read the carbohydrate grams on the box, you'll see that almost half of the carbs come from sugar. I've now focussed on finding snacks that are only a third percentage of sugar.

    Eating 'clean' and having fruit and/or veggies as snacks will help both your insides and your outsides. These foods contain tons of vitamins and nutrients that fill you up longer and will keep your skin, nails and hair looking amazing. AND if you eat more healthy snacks, your dinners can be more filling, since you can eat more. (in moderation of course.)
  • Be careful with those fiber bars!!! they do contain transfats. If you read the ingredients on the back, hydgrogenated oils (READ: TRANS FAT) is listed as one of the ingredients. So if you must have the fiber bars, be sure to just eat one...or you might be consuming more trans-fats than you'd like. For a good fiber filled treat i recommend Vita-Tops. They are expensive but totally worth it!

    For chocolate lovers, i suggest going to trader joes for their 100 calorie chocolate bars. They offer them in two varieties, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I've tried them both and they're awesome. Not only do they taste amazing but they're low in calories and it's a satisfying portion.
    I really really have to thank my mom for not allowing me to eat junk food all the time, and thus never creating that habbit. My biggest weakness is bread and pasta, but because I knew I couldn't eliminate those from my diet (money is an issue), I started buying older bread and freezing it, and also switched to fiber and calcium added pasta. At least that way, I'm not mindlessly filling up with bad carbs.
    To all moms out there, I don't care if your kid kicks and cries, start instilling healthy eating habits now! They will thank you later, and be happier people.
    I have never eaten breakfast in my life until now. I am having a hard time getting the three meals let alone snacks.
  • Wow! What a great thread and article. Thanks Vale for the garbage/trash post, that really made me think. I currently have a kitchen full of over-processed 100 calorie snack packs of dead "garbage." I won't be buying them anymore.
  • At work, for a snack, I always eat an apple. When I don't work, I find it a bit harder to eat enough fruit, alhtough it's sitting in front of me. But I try to eat at least one pice of fruit, and quite a lot of vegetables. I love all sorts of dried beans, and I love all kinds of vegetalbes. I try not to snack on high calorie foods, although a piece of chocolate once in a while is irresistable.
    Great article. I have tried to cut my "bad" snacks lately. Instead of sweets I have Laughing Cow cheese and veggie sticks or a Fiber One bar (I love the new oats & apple streusel) if I do need something sweet. I also have sometimes mixed a South Beach Tide Me Over drink mix with water and Benefiber - it gives a sweet flavor and protein & fiber for about 30 calories and gets me through the mid-afternoon hump.

    I haven't been able to cut out my one Diet Coke a day, and if we go out to dinner on Friday I sometimes have two, but I am working on ordering more water with lemon.

    Another thing is in fast food. I have made an effort to look at their nutritional info and find out what choices are "better" then LIMIT it. Chick-fil-a has become a favorite if I am in a crunch and find myself in a drive through. A grilled chicken sandwich and fruit cup are much better than a cheeseburger and fries in a pinch.

    Thanks SP!
    I was a diet Mt. Dew junkie until I started Sparks. I would make excuses that I would get headaches without the caffeine. When I started eating right, I didn't even need it or miss it. And when I eat right, I don't crave the junk food either.
    I would agree. I'm currently trying to cut the pop and told my husband when what we have in the house is gone, not to buy any more. (He doesn't drink pop, but since he knows I like it, he buys it for me when he does the grocery shopping.) I'm down from a high of 32 oz a day to just one 12 oz. pop, so I'm sure when what I have runs out (next week sometime), I'll be able to cut that 151 calories every day. I'm looking forward to that, although I know I'll miss my drink.

    When I am craving something sweet, I try to grab a Fiber One bar. They have 140 calories and only 3 grams of fat. The best part is the 9 grams of fiber in each bar. They have chocolate chip, caramel, peanut butter and strawberry nut. They are all very good and sweet enough that they take away the urge to eat a candy bar or definite junk food. They are very filling.
    What a terrific article - thank you! I'm happy to say my intake of fresh produce - frozen, too, at times - has gone through the roof since I started Spark!
    I am at work just taking time out to read all your msgs. I love them because it is making me think - because a few minutes ago I would have been at the candy machine and instead I am glued to my chair. :)
    The afternoon is the worst for me.
  • SHANDA12
    Hershey's has a dark chocolate stick with only 60 calories. Good for you and curbs the chocolate hunger for a few days.

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