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Make Your Resolutions On Purpose This Year

Gain Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment


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thank you Report
If your life had a highlight reel, what would be on it?

Best way to figure out how you want the rest of your life to be like. decided on what you need to do to capture those feelings/accomplishments, events, and so on.
Then plan your steps to get there. That is called backcasting. It gets you to where you want to be, :) Report
I usually make at least informal New Year's resolution, and I'm always setting goals. It just seems that the daily grind of working in a hectic job that does not give me a lot of personal satisfaction most days exhausts me emotionally and makes it hard to find energy to do the things I love and find most important. This is a problem that has gotten worse in recent years. I found this article very useful and I'm for sure going to check out that book. Thank you! Report
Losing focus. Having a hard time deciding what to do next. This is what would most likely drag me down. I have started and "failed"(that is the word I hear inside my heart) so many times that occasionally my kids are knownto parrot my felings to me. That is hard. With Spark though, I am considering it a good thing to pick myself up and try again! Today I took my bike to work and when I got off in the wee morning hours I did a 30 min ride! I am starting a streak to ride on the bike 30 min each day- TODAY! Report
I've set goals to raise children, graduate college, etc. But, never about anything else. I know this is something I am missing in my life - heck even my family is missing out. I want to do it. Maybe I can turn this thing called life around. My first goal is to enter my food and fitness daily. Okay, I have two goals now - that wasn't so hard :-) Report
In 2009, the times that I had energy, focus and self-discipline were those in which I was doing what I was made for. But they were too few between. I think I will take these few questions and write on them for a bit and see if I can make resolutions that help me focus on things other than weight loss. Report
Woohoo! We love hearing these things. I believe in each one of you and that you WILL succeed. Got get em'! Report
I love this article. The Holidays are the hardest times to get through, so we need all the help we can get. I plan to start 2009 much nearer my goal. Great article. Report
i wasn't planning on making any resolutions this year, but after reading this article, it inspired me to come up with a list, that I believe I can manage. THANK YOU!!
nancylee46 Report
I always find your articles very good thank you Report

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