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Confessions of a Reformed Procrastinator

Break the Energy-Sapping Cycle


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  • Procrastinator,I believe that is my middle name since I have retired. I make lists of things to do but seem to procrastinate and then can't find the lists. Remember the sock monster in the washing machine? Well, I must have a list monster in my house. Some day I'm going to find a whole stack of lists when I stop procrastinatIng.
    I must admit that sometimes the list gets carried over to the next day, the next, and the next. Maybe my list is to long is what I'm thinking. I will have to reevaluate my lists.
  • I'm a recovering procrastinator and work on it every day. I've even admitted it during a job interview and got the offer. I feel so much better knowing that I should go on and get her done instead of causing myself undue stress.
  • I'm a procrastinator as well and I curb it by counting the cost of not doing things. As the author said the cost of mailing the letters at lunch was higher than doing it right now. But if we don't think there's a price, then we'll delay. I'm procrastinating cleaning right now but it's been worth it to update sparks. :-)
  • It has helped me to NOT hit the snooze alarm . . to get the best start for the day.
  • I am going to start working on my procrastination, first thing tomorrow! LOL
  • I am a procastinator as well. I started to say "awful" procastinator, but that doesn't help by putting myself down. I am glad to read this- it sounds like me too. I do write lists but then many times don't do my list.I guess we need to encourage ourselves for each time we do the tasks..
  • I procrastinate all the time. I just get overwhelmed and so I put things off. This was a good article.
  • Thank you, I so needed this today
  • I'm a procrastinator I still find myself dragging but every now & again I straighten up & fly right in my moments of clarity. It's ok sometimes but I am as driven as I'd like to be but I enjoy life better.....
  • This sounds just like me I will set myself a goal today and achieve it before bed. Thanks for the spark!
    Good article, except I don't agree with erasing your TO DO list every week and starting over. I attended several Time Management seminars over my working career and they all agree on one point.

    PRIORITIZE your TO DO list. It's simple, and only takes a few minutes. Decide the following for each task on your list. A, B, C, D - A is top priority, then B, C, D.

    These items rate an A:

    Does it have to be done today?
    Does it have a deadline? (monthly report, paying bills, baking cookies for tomorrow's bake sale, etc.)

    Then you can number them - 1 has to be done first (monthly report - because it's due at the end of the workday. 2 - cookies (I can bake the cookies when I get home after dinner). 3 - paying bills (I can do that while the cookies are baking).

    Look at your list to see what can be delegated - to the spouse, kids, coworkers. You don't have to do everything, and it's good for the kids to pick up after themselves, learn how to load the dishwasher, do the laundry, etc.

    Look at the list to see what can be postponed - do I really have to go to the cleaners today, or can I include it in my weekend errands - or ask my spouse to do it?

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