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Confessions of a Reformed Procrastinator

Break the Energy-Sapping Cycle


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  • I'm a procrastinator I still find myself dragging but every now & again I straighten up & fly right in my moments of clarity. It's ok sometimes but I am as driven as I'd like to be but I enjoy life better.....
  • This sounds just like me I will set myself a goal today and achieve it before bed. Thanks for the spark!
    Good article, except I don't agree with erasing your TO DO list every week and starting over. I attended several Time Management seminars over my working career and they all agree on one point.

    PRIORITIZE your TO DO list. It's simple, and only takes a few minutes. Decide the following for each task on your list. A, B, C, D - A is top priority, then B, C, D.

    These items rate an A:

    Does it have to be done today?
    Does it have a deadline? (monthly report, paying bills, baking cookies for tomorrow's bake sale, etc.)

    Then you can number them - 1 has to be done first (monthly report - because it's due at the end of the workday. 2 - cookies (I can bake the cookies when I get home after dinner). 3 - paying bills (I can do that while the cookies are baking).

    Look at your list to see what can be delegated - to the spouse, kids, coworkers. You don't have to do everything, and it's good for the kids to pick up after themselves, learn how to load the dishwasher, do the laundry, etc.

    Look at the list to see what can be postponed - do I really have to go to the cleaners today, or can I include it in my weekend errands - or ask my spouse to do it?
  • What an energizing article! Thanks for helping me to refocus, Mike! I'll get back to the next thing I have to do! ;)
  • What a great article! I was procrastinating cleaning the bathroom, but stopped reading the article cleaned the bathroom in no time, and finished the rest of the article. Definitely a weight off my shoulder because I was dreading it. One less thing to do now, can put my energy to something else more fun. A great feeling!
  • My picture should be in the dictionary under Procrastinator! I've battled with it my whole life. I had read this article in the past and read it again recently after Thanksgiving.

    After the gym today, instead of going home to veg, I stopped at two stores to pick up the three charity gifts I need for next week. Done early this year for a change. A great feeling!

    Onward and upward!
  • Thanks, I needed this. You've given me some recommendations, and it will start with making some phone calls instead of spending another hour on the compuer
  • Tempted by the idea of erasing my to-do list... I have one that has items from 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • LOL I actually did #6 and put away the folder laundry still left in the basket "to do later." Yeah, that did feel good.
  • Hello, my name is Sandra and I am a procrastinator. Whew, I've been wanting to say that for awhile, but just kept putting it off.

    This list is excellent. Thanks. Action always helps me feel better! I do not need to argue about it, justify, make excuses... I do... just need to do it!
  • GOOD ONE!!! lol......READ IT LATER...........HA HA HA ROTFL....

  • Did anyone else think, "Oh, I'll read this later!"? ;-)
    This article helps, I am such a procrastinator, especially when it comes to my weight loss. I will buy a heap of healthy produce and whole foods only to have them sour in the fridge since it takes time to wash, prep and prepare. I love to cook, but I never eat breakfast because it seems like it is too time consuming.
  • That's me so often, then the put-off jobs take even longer to complete, or I end up wondering after the fact, 'Why did I delay so long?'
    Hi, Mike,
    I am profiting from this article. Also, I enjoy your entertaining writing style. What impressed me the most is how you can save time and money by not procrastinating. If you had not dropped the letters off when you did, you would have lost money also (i.e., on gas).

    I figure I can save about $500 a month by moving out of where I am now living. So what is stopping me?? Clutter! I can't show this place to the realtor until a lot of the clutter is gone. And getting rid of it requires decision-making on my part, which is the heart of my procrastination ailment. I avoid making decisions about how to dispose of things or where to sell them.

    Anyway, when I think about saving $500 a month, that is a big motivator for me in overcoming this bad habit.

    Thanks again for the article and I'll keep looking for others of yours (after I have disposed of a few boxfuls, of course).

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